Marine Corps Tweets Rainbow Bullets; State Dep't Raises 'Progress Flag'; Pride Overfloweth

June is “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) Pride Month,” by proclamation of President Joe Biden.

“This month, we remind the LGBTQI+ community that they are loved and cherished,” Biden’s proclamation said.

A number of federal agencies touted their inclusivity on Wednesday, some on Twitter, some on their websites.

Even the U.S. Marine Corps tweeted a photo of a helmet adorned with rainbow bullets. As press reports noted, the image sparked an angry backlash.

The Defense Department was more subtle than the Marine Corps, using what looks like an actual rainbow in its Twitter banner. The U.S. Army and Navy did not issue any Pride month tweets.


The U.S. State Department observed Pride Month on Wednesday by replaying a video from last year, when State raised the “progress flag” beneath the American flag at the Washington headquarters.

“Although many of our embassies and consulates have displayed the Pride and Progress flags overseas, today is the first time a flag recognizing the LGBTQI+ community will fly over State Department headquarters,” Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said at the 2021 flag-raising ceremony.

The Interior Department tweeted a “Happy Pride Month!” message along with a photo of the Stonewall National Monument in lower Manhattan. “Interior continues our work to share the stories of the LGBTQI+ movement and celebrate their contributions to advancing equality,” the message read in part.

The National Park Service, a division of the Interior Department, is now selling an “Outdoor Safe Space Pin,” a rainbow tree, “which represents welcome to LGBTQ+ people.

“Whether you’re an ally or identify as LGBTQ+, wearing or displaying this symbol nonverbally communicates your support for folks being their authentic selves in rural and outdoor places. Get this unique pin to wear to your favorite national park!” the sales blurb says.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development raised the gay pride flag outside its Washington headquarters, as did the Department of Health and Human Services.

HHS, in fact, installed a “Celebrating Pride Month” rainbow banner at the very top of its Twitter page. So did the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but its top-of-Twitter banner was made of rainbow colored fruits and vegetables.

This is just a partial list of federal agencies marking pride month. Almost all of them did — with varying degrees of creativity.


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