Mark Levin: GOP Presidential Primary 'Has to Be a Battle Over Ideas,' Not 'Stupid Names' and 'Stupid Comments'

( – “I don’t like what I’m seeing in the early stages of this Republican primary for president,” Mark Levin said Sunday night on his “Life, Liberty & Levin” cable show on Fox News.

“I understand, as they say, that politics isn’t beanbag, but it doesn’t have to be a knife fight, either,” Levin said:

“I remember the battles that took place in the Republican primaries in the 1970s and 80s. I remember Reagan duking it out with four or five people.

“This has to be a battle over ideas. We have to encourage as many conservatives and Republicans and independents to support our ideas as possible, they need to be articulated and we have people who can become president, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and others.

“But if we go into the general election having chopped up each other with stupid names and stupid thoughts and stupid comments and stupid ideas, and surrogates on behalf of the candidates write moronic columns that say moronic things on TV and radio, the Democrats are going to win.

“And we’re going to have four more years of Marxism. This is my warning. Take it or leave it.”


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