Mark Levin: 'We Have to Fear Federal Law Enforcement,' Specifically DOJ, FBI

Constitutional scholar and best-selling author Mark Levin said that Americans need to “fear federal law enforcement,” specifically the Justice Department and the FBI because they have been “politicized on behalf of the Democratic Party.” He also advised congressional Republicans to “slash” the DOJ’s budget by 20%.

Levin further commented that the FBI may be monitoring you and keeping a file on you, which you can obtain through a Freedom of Information Act request. Overall, he said, the judicial and legal system in America needs to be drastically overhauled because we have seen the corruption:

“FBI using Twitter, Google, and Facebook to censor and to monitor American citizens, scientists, experts. FBI’s interference in federal elections, presidential elections in 2016, Russia collusion. It planted stories. It leaked lies. It concocted and created documents.”

Levin added, “The Department of Justice has targeted parents at school board meetings. The Department of Justice has specifically targeted prolife activists.”

Levin, who hosts the 3rd most popular talk-radio show in the nation, made his remarks on the Jan. 22 edition of Life, Liberty & Levin, a television program he hosts on the Fox News Channel.  


Below is the transcript.

Mark Levin: “But there is another grave threat we face in this country because of its association and attachment to the Democratic Party, and I hate to say this, as somebody who spent part of his career and who had a wonderful time at the Department of Justice as Chief-of-Staff to Attorney General Meese.

“We have to fear federal law enforcement, in specific, the United States Department of Justice, and the FBI, which is a piece of the Department of Justice.

“First, I want to make a recommendation to you, each and every American, that each of you file a Freedom of Information Act request with the Department of Justice and FBI, for any information the government might be keeping on you.

“With all of these stories of Big Tech and the FBI working together, and these massive databases now and the monitoring that is taking place, you may not believe it, because many of you, most of you are patriots, but you may have a file — ask for it.

“Now, what they’ll try and do is charge you a fortune. And so I’m asking the Republicans in the House, at least to start the process of exempting any fees and any costs whatsoever of any citizen who seeks through the Freedom of Information Act any information that the federal government might be keeping on them.

“Now, that’ll keep them busy a while, but it will also teach them a lesson. Don’t just gather information on law-abiding citizens, but you should find out what they have on you.

“What else should the Republicans in Congress do, whether they be in the minority in the Senate, or the majority in the House — and I’m quite serious about this, again, as somebody who worked at that department — they should slash the Department of Justice’s budget by 20 percent. It’s gotten too big, too fast — and it is not doing its job.

“The Communist Chinese are running away with our technology, our nuclear secrets, maybe it’s too busy focusing on us, you and me. And those funds should be immediately transferred to the Border Patrol and ICE to secure that border, to keep foreigners out of this country who we don’t know anything about, to remove people who are here illegally, and to protect us from fentanyl and the drug cartels.

“The FBI won’t do it, the Border Patrol and ICE will.

“In my view, the FBI needs to be reorganized with a close look at its various missions. Its history of civil liberties violations goes back decades and decades, and right now, it is taking place as well. The FBI should be prohibited from investigating electoral challenges. This is very important, just like they’re doing now, concocting laws, taking laws that are a hundred years old, obstructing the peaceful transfer of power.

“They’re investigating Republican state legislatures, Republican state legislators, they’re taking the cell phones away from Republican members of Congress. They’re violating attorney-client privilege of only certain attorneys who are targeted.

“We cannot allow an FBI and the Department of Justice that is politicized on behalf of the Democratic Party to be getting involved in challenges to elections. Elections can be very ugly. Challenges can be very ugly, but it is a purely political process. And in the end, Congress makes the final determination over electors, not grand juries controlled by Democrats.


Mark Levin:  “You know, over in Israel, they are completely reforming their judicial and legal system. Of course, the oligarchs to the left are going nuts and attacking them. Too bad.

“We’ve seen the corruption: FBI using Twitter, Google, and Facebook to censor and to monitor American citizens, scientists, experts. FBI’s interference in federal elections, presidential elections in 2016, Russia collusion. It planted stories. It leaked lies. It concocted and created documents.

“In 2020, the FBI interfered again, meetings with Big Tech to cover up Hunter Biden’s laptop story — twice. And of course, they interfered with the midterm elections this time by withholding the fact that there were classified documents that Joe Biden was holding illegally, and they kept that secret for at least several months.

“The FBI has falsified evidence to the secret court, the FISA Court. That whole thing needs to be looked at. And the FBI most likely is monitoring you in one form or another.

“The Department of Justice has targeted parents at school board meetings. The Department of Justice has specifically targeted prolife activists.

“Political lawsuits have been brought against the Georgia legislature and its voting bill, which wound up having more people vote; against Texas and its abortion bill; investigating Republican state legislators and legislatures as I mentioned; investigating Republican members of Congress for daring to challenge the 2020 election activities.

“Yet  they refuse to enforce the immigration laws at the Department of Justice. They refuse to prosecute radical pro-abortion protesters seeking to intimidate conservative members of the Supreme Court who ruled in the Dobbs case.

“The Department of Justice cover up for the Biden crime family, refuses to appoint a special counsel on their foreign dealings, and the transfer of tens of millions of dollars, directly and indirectly to Joe Biden and his family.

“Remember? This server issue when it comes to Donald Trump, when it comes to Joe Biden, as I said, cover up. FBI didn’t even go in and investigate. FBI didn’t go in and do the searches. It left it to the private lawyers. Can you imagine that?

“Hillary Clinton and her server in her Westchester home. Did they even use a warrant to send in the FBI SWAT team to her home? No. And she had thousands and thousands of government e-mails, as well as classified information, and much of it was destroyed, and they still didn’t send in an FBI SWAT team.

“Hey, what’s that all about?

“But Donald Trump gets the Trump treatment — SWAT teams, warrants armed FBI agents, threats of obstruction, when in fact they were negotiating with the Department of Justice for a few months on who should get what documents.

“So January 6th, an insurrection, they say, on January 6th. Does anybody remember when the White House was attacked? When over 50 Secret Service, uniformed Secret Service personnel were injured? Does anybody remember that Donald Trump had to be rushed to the nuclear bunker under the White House because there were efforts to breach the fence at the White House and to threaten the President of the United States directly?

“Does anybody remember the damage that was done in Lafayette Park and to the historic St. John’s Church? Does anybody remember that? How come that’s not an insurrection? Because the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Democrats, and the media, they want you to forget all about it. There needs to be a complete overhaul of our legal and judicial system.”


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