Media SILENT After Bombshell Report Shows Evidence 2017 Las Vegas Massacre Was Carried Out by ISIS And Antifa

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A new bombshell report provides evidence that the 2017 Las Vegas shooting was not the work of a “lone gunman” but was a terrorist attack perpetrated by two men with ties to ISIS and Antifa.

Testament to how cowed and pathetic American journalists are that no one got to the bottom of Las Vegas shooting

— Darren J. Beattie ? (@DarrenJBeattie) January 3, 2021

The “All Source Assessment,” entitled “Attack on the Route 91 Country Music Festival,” was prepared for Rich Higgins, a former Trump campaign advisor and member of Trump’s National Security Council.


While the report suggested that “attack was likely planned as well as logistically and financially coordinated entirely by Stephen Paddock,” it also found that Brian Hodge, the Australian man who claimed to have been staying in the room next to Paddock’s at the Mandalay Bay hotel when the attack took place, “is a reasonably suspicious person of interest and deserves a much greater level of scrutiny.”

Hodge had “possible ties to Islamic organizations and a possible [ISIS] linkage” as well as a “personal profile . . . more befitting of a left wing or Anti-Fascist Action (ANTIFA) affiliate,” the report claimed.


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  1. i read the bombshell ‘report’. statements were made, but ABOSLUTELY NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER SUPPORTED THEIR CLAIMS. this is a total nothing burger. if you want the truth: the saudis had strike teams there to assassinate their OWN leader, who owns the penthouse floor above where stephen paddock was staying. they freaked out when they broke through into the penthouse and found he was ‘out on the town’. ooops! they created a diversion by shooting into the crowd, and then they proceeded with their ‘search and destroy’ mission throughout the strip to locate their target MBS. they did not find him. trump could not let this out, as it would destroy US/saudi relations. it was all covered up. i researched this for years after it happened, because i could immediately see there was a major coverup ongoing, just like 911. do the research yourself- the answer are out there. start with MBS arresting over 1000 of the saudi royal family, seizing their wealth and imprisoning them. that is what the assassination team was there for- remove the threat of their own madman leader(who came out smelling like a rose). you REALLY cannot trust anything you read in the mainstream media… take russia for example…

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