Medvedev: Russia ‘Doesn’t Care About G7’s Non-Recognition’ of Ukraine’s ‘New Borders’

( – Russia doesn’t care if the G7 does not recognize Ukraine’s “new borders,” Russian security council deputy chairman Dmitry Medvedev said at the weekend, after the group of leading economies reiterated that it will “never recognize borders Russia has attempted to change by military aggression.”

Medvedev, a former Russian president and prime minister who also heads the pro-Kremlin United Russia Party, also criticized the G7 for urging China not to help Russia circumvent sanctions imposed against Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine.

The West should stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, RIA Novosti cited him as saying in a post on his Telegram channel.

“To put it mildly: our country doesn’t care about G7’s non-recognition of the new borders [of Ukraine]; what matters is the true will of the people living there,” Medvedev said.

“Do not forget the Kosovo precedent, our Western friends,” he added.


Kosovo in 2008 unilaterally declared independence from Serbia, historically a close Russian ally. Nine years earlier, in a military intervention that Moscow bitterly opposed, NATO had gone to war against Belgrade to end atrocities against the province’s ethnic Albanian Muslim majority.

U.N. member-states remain divided over the issue, with about half recognizing Kosovo as an independent nation and Russia a leading voice among the remainder than refuse to do so. By raising the Kosovo precedent, Medvedev was evidently saying that if the West and others can recognize the unilateral changing of Serbia’s borders, then Russia and its allies can do the same in the case of Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin in 2014 annexed Crimea after a referendum not recognized by a large part of the international community, and since then has supported proxies in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine.

In February he launched an invasion, claiming the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics” – which he had just recognized as “independent” – needed protection against the government in Kyiv.

Eighty-two days later, Russian forces after withdrawing from the Kyiv region are focused on consolidating the areas held by proxies in the east, linking them with Crimea, and extending their control westwards beyond Kherson in the south, and to Kharkiv in the north – where according to the Pentagon Ukrainian forces have had some success in pushing them back.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has made clear his government wants all of its sovereign territory back, including Crimea and the entire south-east.

In a statement on Saturday, the G7 underlined that it holds the same position, calling on Russia to “immediately and unconditionally withdraw its troops from the entire territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.”

“We will never recognize borders Russia has attempted to change by military aggression, and will uphold our engagement in the support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea, and all states,” it said.

In his Telegram post, Medvedev also took issue with the G7’s position on China.

“G7 states urge China not to help Russia in circumvention of sanctions, not to justify its actions and not to provide Russian with military aid,” he wrote. “This is a continuation of a direct intervention in China’s internal affairs and a hint that they can punish China, should something happen.”

The G7 statement called on countries that have not “aligned with us” in imposing sanctions on Russia as well as its ally, Belarus, to do so, and also “to prevent sanctions evasion, circumvention and backfilling.”

The foreign ministers of the G7, which comprises Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States, met in northern Germany at the weekend, joined by E.U. foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

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