Megyn Kelly Joins Women Cheering Bearded Man Who IDed as Woman to Break Weightlifting Record, Mock Trans Athlete Policy

“YES!,” commentator and Journalist Megyn Kelly tweeted Thursday, cheering the news of how a bearded, biological male “identified” as a female in order to enter – and break the record in – a women’s weightlifting competition.

On Saturday, Avi Silverberg, head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting, took advantage of a new gender self-identification policy to enter the 84+ kilogram category of the Heroes Classic tournament in Lethbridge, Alberta – in order to demonstrate the unfairness of the policy.

Silverberg easily lifted 370 pounds, breaking the current Alberta women’s record, which was also set by a biological male, by nearly a hundred pounds.

“YES! This is how we will reverse this nonsense,” Kelly wrote, retweeting a Daily Mail story titled, “Pulling his weight! Male powerlifter protests Canada’s woke gender self-ID laws by saying he’s a woman, then entering female contest and smashing bench press record”.

Kelly joins the growing number of women on Twitter celebrating the statement made by Silverberg’s feat.


The Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS), a “network of women athletes & our supporters advocating for female protected categories in sport,” appears to have been the first to tweet about Silverman’s stunt:

“Team Canada powerlifting coach, Avi Silverberg just broke the Alberta WOMEN’s bench press record in the 84+ kg category at the ‘Heroes Classic.’

“Former record holder, trans-identifying male, Anne Andres had a front row view as Silverberg mocked the discriminatory CPU policy by also unofficially breaking the women’s world record in the event.”

“Standing O for #TeamCanada head coach Avi Silverberg, for #StandingForWomen in the sexism discrimination they continue to face in #Canadian Powerlifting #SaveWomensSports,” Women’s Declaration International (WDI) (Canada chapter) tweeted.

“Well Done Avi Silverberg!” Women’s Space Ireland tweeted.

“Male powerlifter Avi Silverberg proves just how weak the Canadian powerlifting union transgender policy is by identifying as a female and smashing the world bench record. Literally my boyfriend could identify as a female tomorrow and take all the records,” a female powerlifter tweeted.

“Thank you Avi Silverberg for supporting women’s sports,” Beverly Akerman, author of “The Meaning of Children,” wrote in her post.

Silverberg’s story was also shared on Twitter by 12-time NCAA All-American swimmer and Independent Women’s Forum Spokeswoman Riley Gaines.

As a swimmer at Kentucky, Gaines tied with transgender swimmer Lea Thomas, who competed as a male during his first three years of college. Reportedly, Thomas was given the trophy at the time, because it was thought to make for a better photo-op.

Since then, Gaines has advocated for fairness in women’s sports, and against biological males using gender identification claims to compete against biological women.


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