Military Intelligence Analyst: 'We Are Destabilizing Our Own Country' With Trump Indictment

( – A woman who fled Soviet communism and now works as a military intelligence analyst in the United States says the indictment of Donald Trump is “frightening” to see, because “what I’m seeing here is what was happening back in the Soviet Union.”

Rebekah Koffler formerly worked for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and is the author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America.”

She said the indictment of Trump will please America’s enemies:

“Putin is elated, because effectively what’s going on is the Democrats are using Putin’s play book to prevent former President Trump from running for presidency in 2024,” Koffler told “Fox and Friends First.”

“Look, as an immigrant from the Soviet Russia, who fled communism, I don’t recognize our country. It’s frightening to me that what I’m seeing here is what was happening back in the Soviet Union. These are KGB tactics, and they’re going to embolden Russia, China, Iran — these are our adversaries.

“Because they know instead of paying attention to external threats, we are basically, you know, paying attention to in-fighting. We’re destabilizing our own country by these sorts of Soviet tactics.”

Host Todd Piro noted that the indictment of a former president on flimsy grounds may “embolden” authoritarian regimes and “validate” their rejection of democratic norms.


“Exactly,” Koffler agreed: “What we should be projecting is that our country remains the country of freedom, freedom of the press, religion — we uphold the law, justice, and instead we are telegraphing to the dictators that we are no longer the country where the political opponents are free to run against the incumbent.

“I mean, this is what Putin does to his opponents,” she said.


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