More Americans Think It Morally Wrong to Wear Fur Than Experiment With Cells From Dismembered Human Embryos

( – A newly released survey from Gallup indicates that more Americans think it is morally wrong to wear fur than to experiment with cells taken from dismembered human embryos.

Gallup asked 1,007 Americans aged 18 and older their opinions on the moral acceptability of “19 issues.”

When asked by Gallup if they thought “buying/wearing clothing made of animal fur” was morally acceptable, 60 percent said that it was and 37 percent said that it was not.

By contrast, when asked whether they thought medical “research using human embryo stem cells” was morally acceptable, 63 percent said that it was and only 32 percent said that it was not.

“The embryos being used in embryonic stem cell research come from eggs that were fertilized at in vitro fertilization clinics but never implanted in women’s uteruses,” says the Mayo Clinic.


Of the 19 behaviors Gallup asked the respondents about, using birth control had the highest moral rating. Ninety-two percent of respondents said it was morally acceptable.

The behavior that was least morally acceptable in the view of respondents was married “men and women having an affair.” Only 9 percent said this was morally acceptable, while 85 percent said that it was not.

When asked about abortion, 52 percent of the respondents said it was morally acceptable and 38 percent said that it was not.

Seventy-one percent of respondents said that gay or lesbian relations was morally acceptable and 25 percent said they were not.

The most significant divides between self-identified conservatives and liberals in the survey were over abortion, gay and lesbian relations and sex between teenagers.

Eight-six percent of liberals said abortion was morally acceptable, but only 25 percent of conservatives. Ninety-two percent of liberals said gay or lesbian relations were acceptable, but only 51 percent of conservatives. Sixty-nine percent of liberals said sex between teenagers was morally acceptable, but only 28 percent of conservatives.


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