More Classified Documents Found ‘in a Room Adjacent to’ Biden’s Garage

( – More classified documents have been found at President Joe Biden’s Delaware home—this time “in a room adjacent to” his garage—according to a statement put out by Biden’s special counsel, Richard Sauber.

Sauber explained the discovery of these additional documents in a written statement.

“President Biden’s personal attorneys have followed a process, coordinated with the Department of Justice, to review documents at the Penn Biden Center and the President’s Delaware residences,” said this statement from Sauber.

“The President’s personal attorneys conducting the searches do not have security clearances, so if they identified a document with a classified marking, they stopped and did not review it, and suspended any further search in that box, file of other specific space where the document was found, as appropriate,” said Sauber’s statement.

“Since the DOJ made contact with the President’s personal attorneys, the next step in the process was to notify DOJ and arrange for DOJ to take possession of the document,” Sauber’s statement continued.


“This is what occurred in Wilmington on Wednesday when the President’s personal attorneys discovered one document with a classified marking consisting of one page in a room adjacent to the garage,” said the Sauber statement.

“At that point,” said the statement, “the President’s personal attorneys stopped searching the immediate area where the document was found.

“Because I have a security clearance I went to Wilmington Thursday evening to facilitate providing the document the President’s personal counsel found on Wednesday to the Justice Department,” Sauber said in his statement. “While I was transferring it to the DOJ officials who accompanied me, five additional pages with classification markings were discovered among the material with it, for a total of six pages. The DOJ officials with me immediately took possession of them.

“The President’s lawyers have acted immediately and voluntarily to provide the Penn Biden documents to the Archives and the Wilmington documents to DOJ,” said Sauber’s statement.

“We have now publicly released specific details about the documents identified, how they were identified, and where they were found,” Sauber’s statement said.

“The appointment of the Special Counsel in this matter this week means we will now refer specific questions to the Special Counsel’s office moving forward,” said the statement. “As I said Thursday, the White House will cooperate with the newly-appointed Special Counsel.”


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