MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says People Only Paying Attention To Ukraine Because It’s White And Christian (VIDEO)

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid is not known for her desire to unite people.

In fact, all she seems to want to do is divide people. This week she claimed that the only reason people are paying to Ukraine is because it’s white and Christian.

The truth is that people are paying attention because it’s a horrible situation that could get even worse.

Red State reports:


Joy Reid Says World Only Cares About Ukraine Because It’s ‘White and Largely Christian’

Just. Like. Clockwork.

If there’s anything on the planet MSNBC host Joy Reid can’t connect to something “white” and/or “Christian” — and therefore race-related, or worse — with two dots or less, I have yet to see it.

Every issue or event Reid covers is filtered through her race-baiting lens, so Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine provides yet another opportunity for the left-wing host to further sow seeds of racial division.

As reported by NewsBusters, Reid used the last segment of Monday night’s “The ReidOut” to exploit the war in Ukraine as a platform from which to launch into yet another iteration of her worn-out narrative: “Racial disparity” in how “Western media” portrays suffering Ukrainians as more “human,” as contrasted with their “browner and blacker counterparts” embroiled in other conflicts around the world.

The down and dirty:

As Reid sees it, the United States and European nations only care about Ukraine because the population is “white and largely Christian.” By contrast, in Reid’s race-obsessed mind, the world doesn’t give a damn about conflicts in “the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.”

Here’s the video:

How does this help anything?

Reid seems intent on making things worse by stoking hate and stirring resentment.

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