National Border Council VP: ‘The Encounters Are Less Now, Because the Agents Aren’t on the Line’

( – National Border Council Vice President Art Del Cueto said Wednesday that when you start to hear that encounters at the border are less now, it’s because Border Patrol agents aren’t on the line, because they’re too busy in the processing centers.

Similarly, he said the number of got aways are “confusing,” because “there’s nobody out there to count the footprints and know who’s coming in.”

“Well something’s got to make a difference. I think that now that they are talking about it on both sides of the aisle, I think that’s going to be a little bit better because now you’re going to have to have some kind of action, but I tell you what. At the end of the day when you’re talking about Title 42 and everything else, the problem is the policies,” Del Cueto told “Fox News at Night.”

“Right now these individuals know that they can come across, simply ask for asylum and get 
Released, and when you start hearing that the encounters are less now, well the encounters are less now, because the agents aren’t on the line. They’re too busy in the processing centers,” he said.

“So no one’s there to make the encounters. So that got aways are going up and even the got away numbers are confusing, because there’s nobody out there to count the footprints and know who’s coming in. It’s a complete mess,” Del Cueto said. 


“It’s serious chaos, and thank goodness that Henry Cuellar is saying something about it, but it’s gonna take everyone to say something, because I’ll tell you. The drug cartels, the people that are bringing people into the states illegally, they don’t care what side of the aisle you’re standing on. They just want to harm Americans regardless of who they did or did not vote for,” he said.

When asked what’s more important – getting an immediate fix and stopping the surge or changing asylum laws and other immigration laws to deal with it in the long run, Del Cueto said, “What you need is political will to stop what is happening right now and defend our nation’s borders. How do you do that? 

“You have to detain these individuals, keep them detained, send immigration judges, asylum officers down there so they can actually see the cases, and those that do not qualify, send them back immediately, but what does not work is for individuals to break our laws, come inside the United States and then just release them and give them court dates years down the road,” he said.

“That just is not working. That’s why people are coming across. If there’s no consequences for committing a crime, there’s no reason for these individuals to stop committing the crime, and this administration has just allowed them to do whatever they want,” the National Border Patrol Council vice president said.

When asked what he would say to people on the left who say there’s no empathy for migrants, Del Cueto said, “They’ve caused this to become worse. So what they’re doing is, they’ve created that magnet so individuals can start coming in more in larger numbers. What has that done? They are turning themselves over to drug smugglers. 

“They’re turning themselves over to people smugglers. The sex trafficking has gone up because they’ve create that magnet, so they are creating more of a mess and they’re putting more and more people in danger, not just the individuals that are trying to cross illegally, but they’re also putting in danger American lives, and it’s gonna happen for many years to come unless there’s a fix to it now,” he said.


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