National Border Patrol Council President: NYC Mayor Didn’t Care About Migrants Flown to His City When Biden Was Doing It

( – When the Biden administration was flying migrants in the middle of the night to New York City, Mayor Eric Adams didn’t complain, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said Friday.

It wasn’t until Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent migrants by buses in the daylight to New York City that Adams got upset,” he said.

“When you look at the sheer numbers of people that are crossing the borders illegally, we would have never in our lifetime believed that something like this would have happened. A very busy year for us is when we apprehend about 40,000 a month. Now we’re apprehending over 200,000 a month, and that completely drains all of our resources,” Judd told Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.”

“It drains the resources in these border communities and that’s why you’re seeing all of these buses going up to New York City and Washington, D.C., but what’s funny about that is this is being done in the light of day. It’s being done in the open to where everybody can see it’s happening. Nobody complained when the government was sending flight loads of people under the cover of night,” he said.

“You never heard Eric Adams say anything about it when that was taking place, but now that everybody’s seeing it, now that his constituents get to see it in New York, they get to see the burden that’s going to be placed on them as the taxpayer. Now they’re upset. Now he’s willing to say something, but when the government did it, he said nothing about it,” Judd said.


He said that three months into the Biden administration, the Border Patrol thought that President Biden would have done something about the border.

“When we hit 170,000 apprehensions, we thought he was going to step up and do something, and month over month, day over day, week over week, we continue to get worse and he’s not doing anything. Even now that Governor Abbott and Governor Doocy are showing everybody what is going on, he continues to ignore the problem,” Judd said.

“I just really don’t know that when he has as many activists as he does in the White House, when he has as many activists in DHS, I don’t know that he’s ever going to do anything about this problem, and so that’s going to be a continuing issue we continue to face,” he said.

“Until Democrats in states like Arizona step up and tell him he’s got to do something and tell Joe Manchin and tell John Tester and tell Debbie [Maggie] Hassan and tell all of these individuals, tell him he’s got to do something. I just don’t know that anything is going to happen to change this,” Judd said. 

He said that the Biden administration is willing to lose seats in Congress “to pander to open border activists, and that’s really scary to the American public especially when you consider that all of this is fueling the drug trade.”

“Nobody should be surprised that the amount of drugs that are on our streets corresponds with illegal immigration. This is what the cartels do. They recognize that all they have to do is flood our resources. They’re very smart. This is a business. They’re in it to generate profit, and they know how they have to do it. That is pull agents out of the field, and that’s exactly what they’re doing,” Judd said.

“When you look at the amount of fentanyl, 100,000 U.S. deaths because of the drug trafficking that is taking place,” Judd said, adding that “700 migrants have lost their lives putting themselves in the hands of these dangerous criminal cartels that don’t care about anybody.”

“We see criminal cartels leave people in the desert to die just because they can’t keep up with the group, solely because they’re too he slow. They leave them to die, and this administration continues to ignore what is taking place on the border. Again, I thought they would have stepped to the plate. I thought they would have done something three months into when president Biden took office, and they’re just not doing anything,” he said.

Judd said that migrants “know that everything is open.”

“They know they’re going to be rewarded by violating our laws and that’s what is fueling this. That’s the magnet that is drawing people. It’s the catch and release. Get rid of catch and release, and people stop coming. Continue the catch and release, and we’re going to continue to see this chaos,” he said.


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