Nearly Half of U.S. Voters Call Biden’s Handling of Classified Docs a ‘Major Scandal,’ Including About 1 in 4 Democrats

A strong majority of U.S. likely voters say President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents by storing them at his Delaware home and former D.C. office is a scandal, a new Rasmussen survey reveals.

The national survey of 900 U.S. Likely Voters, conducted on January 26-29, 2023 by Rasmussen Reports on behalf of Author Miranda Devine’s book “Laptop From Hell,” asked if “Biden’s handling of classified documents a major scandal, a minor scandal, or no scandal at all?”

While 72% said it’s at least a minor scandal, nearly half (48%) called it “a major scandal.”

Even a quarter (23%) of Democrat voters deemed it a major scandal and a 55% majority of Democrats said they consider it to be at least a minor scandal. Forty percent (40%) of Democrats dismissed the investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents as “no scandal at all.”

In a separate question, Rasmussen found that 60% of all voters believe it’s likely information from classified documents was used by Pres. Biden’s son, Hunter, in foreign business deals, with 44% calling it “very likely.” Among Democrats, 36% said it’s at least somewhat likely, but only 15% called it “very likely.”



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