New Elementary School Game Teaches 4-Year-Olds To Use Pronouns Such as “Tree” and “Ze”

A new game has been released called “Playing With Pronouns”, which is targeted at children ages 4-9. The game serves to teach young kids about the wide array of pronouns people want to be called nowadays, including “ze”, “all”, “they”, and even “tree”. Yes, that’s right, the game wants to teach 4-year-olds that identifying as “tree” is normal.

Game pieces and corresponding book that teaches children about the pronoun “tree”

According to the creators of this game, it is supposed to help children “develop greater critical thinking skills,” and teach them to “gender themselves and others.”

The creators of “Playing with Pronouns” and their daughter

The creators are even working on a set of cards for ages 0-3.

The game has been introduced into classrooms already, and one transgender teacher posted a raving review of it on Instagram. The trans teacher, Eli, is a “long-term substitute” teacher for 2nd and 3rd graders. People like Eli, whose entire social media and identity is dedicated to being transgender, view the world as if everyone needs to have the same priorities as they do.


Perhaps instead of teaching 4-year-olds that a very small minority of people want to be called “tree” instead of “he”, these “teachers” could play games that teach kids how to read, write, or really anything more appropriate than this.

Groomers obsessed with gender identity are pushing their worldviews onto young children because their minds are easily molded and indoctrinated with the adult’s personal beliefs.

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