Normally Taciturn McConnell Has Plenty to Say About SCOTUS Harassment: 'Appalling'

( – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) tends to give brief responses, even to the longest questions, but he found plenty to say on Tuesday when a reporter asked him about a leftist group offering to pay for information on the whereabouts of conservative Supreme Court justices.

On tip led protesters to a D.C. steakhouse last week where Justice Brett Kavanaugh was dining. He went out a back door as protesters shouted outside.

“It’s absolutely appalling,” McConnell said:

“Appalling that even the President can’t bring himself to focus on security for the Supreme Court and for our judiciary. It is currently against the law right now to picket in front of private homes of federal judges. We have been constantly communicating with the Attorney General saying what about enforcing this law?

“In addition to that, the Chief Justice indicated to us a couple of months ago that he needed some enhancement of current law in order to provide security for the families of the Supreme Court. We passed it on a voice vote in the Senate. They sat on it for a month in the House. Look, the — the majority seems not to care about the independence of the Supreme Court and even the physical security of the Supreme Court.

“This is outrageous. It’s a separate branch of government. They’re entitled under the law and because it’s the right thing to do to carry out their functions without being daily threatened. This was like an open invitation, and we all remember that somebody showed up in front of one of the chief — one of the Justice’s homes with an apparent intent to kill him.

“I found this alarming. What do we hear out of the Administration? Darn little. I think it is way past time that we started showing the Supreme Court the respect that it deserves. I would remind you when I was the majority leader, I never went over to the front of the Supreme Court, singled out members of the court, and said you’ll pay a price if you rule a certain way.

“Have I been happy with every Supreme Court decision over the years? I haven’t. But I — I think it’s appalling the lack of concern the Administration and apparently most Democrats in Congress have for even the physical security of federal judges.”

DOJ ‘Weaponized’

“We know the Department of Justice has weaponized the government against its political opposition,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Tuesday night:


“We’ve had over a dozen FBI agents come to us as whistleblowers to tell us about the problems in the Department of Justice, but now it’s reached a new level. We now have the Department of Justice supporting the effort by the left to intimidate the United States Supreme Court.

“And I think this is real important. We have the key agency in the Executive Branch a part of an effort to intimidate a separate and equal branch of the government, our highest court in the land, by them failing to enforce the statute you just referenced. That is frightening, but that is exactly the situation.

“And that comes after we had an assassination attempt on one of the associate justices of our highest court. So, yeah, this is serious stuff. And for them not to press charges against the people who were actively trying to intimidate the court while a decision was pending before that court, which is what that statute’s about, is scary, and it’s why we are so concerned and trying to get as much information as we can.”

Jordan also noted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) waited four weeks to pass legislation extending protection to Supreme Court justices’ families.

“After the assassination attempt (on Justice Kavanaugh) she waited several days,” Jordan said. “After there was things posted online about Judge Barrett, where her kids went to school, where her family worshipped on Sunday morning and the church they attended.

“So this is part of the effort by the left to intimidate the court. They’ve introduced, Jerry Nadler, chairman of the (House Judiciary) Committee has introduced legislation to pack the court; we know what they did to Judge Kavanaugh when his nomination was put up and his confirmation process.

“So this is all part of that effort, and that’s the most frightening thing.”


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