NY Gubernatorial Candidate on Crime in NYC: ‘If You’re Lucky, You’re Hit Over the Head with a Bag of Feces These Days’

(CNSNews.com) – New York gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino said that crime is spiking in New York City because “criminals are being coddled,” and while they don’t have a recall election to remove Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg who is soft on crime, there is a law that allows a governor to remove a district attorney, and Astorino pledges to do just that if he’s elected.

“[New York City Mayor Eric Adams] came in. We had high hopes. He came from the De Blasio era, which was awful, crime spiking, because, you know, criminals are being coddled. We have a Manhattan district attorney — you were talking about San Francisco and L.A. Before. Well right here in Manhattan Alvin Bragg does the same thing,” Astorino told Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.”

“We don’t have a recall election, but what we do have is a law by the governor [that says he] can remove a district attorney, and I will do that in January if he continues this stuff. People are so afraid to go into all of our cities right now but especially New York City, because, if you’re lucky, you’re hit over the head with a bag of feces these days,” he said.

“Otherwise, you’re shoved in front of the train. You are stabbed. You’re hit over the head with a hammer. How are people going to come into New York City and spend money? How is the economy going to grow? How are businesses going to stay here if this is the policy right now?” Astornino asked.

“We need to go back to what worked, what made New York City the toughest on crime, and that was things like stop, question and frisk which is constitutional, things like broken windows policy,” the gubernatorial candidate said.


“This no-cash bail nonsense has to be revoked, and things like emptying our prisons and saying to criminals, ‘Hey, don’t worry about the little stuff, you know. We’re going to look the other way, and by the way, if you do the big stuff, you’ll be out by noon anyway. So enjoy your afternoon,’ and then shaming victims and defunding and defaming the cops. This has to stop,” he said.

On the border, Astorino said that if the Biden administration continues flying migrants apprehended on the southern border into the United States, it would be easier if they had “direct flights from Guadalajara or Mexico City straight to Westchester and Stewart International which is in the Hudson Valley. 

“It’s a port authority of the New York Airport, which means the governor of New York knows about this and approves this. So they’re taking them from the southern border where they’re crossing illegally as you mentioned. It’s crazy. Two million last year were apprehended, over 200,000 last month, and then they’re caught,” he said.

“They’re released and then they’re taken to communities all over including here in New York going into our school, going into our hospitals. There’s a cash assistance fund set up by New York for those who are here illegally, and the citizens are paying for all this, and we get no response from our government,” Astorino said.

“We get no questions answered other than like a big middle finger, it’s not for you to know. So it’s really completely and totally out of control, and we are paying the price for this, but there’s obviously a very large public safety issue here. These are not just little kids. These are 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds and older, and 18, 19 and 20 and most of the young men, they are considered minors under immigration law,” he said.

Astorino said that there is a law in New York that requires illegal immigrants to register with the state, and it would be “a disincentive” for illegals.

“Look, we know fentanyl’s coming in. We know it’s a crisis right now in the United States, and I’m not saying everyone coming off those planes are bad people. I’m not,” he said.
“I just say we have a right to know who is coming off those planes, and as governor, I will demand and have a law from 1951 that will require the manifests from everybody coming off those, and there’s a law in New York that says if you’re an illegal alien, the moment you step foot in New York, you must register with the state,” Astorino said.
“That will be a disincentive because right now it’s come and get everything, and New York provides everything for them, and so we’re paying the price and yet we get no answers. That’s the biggest frustration,” he added.


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