NY Republican: Under Biden, Nation's Problems Keep Getting Worse; 'Republicans Will Be Different'

(CNSNews,com) –  “The House Republicans will be different,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.) vowed on Wednesday, pointing to various problems, including air transportation, that keep “getting worse” during the Biden administration.

“We’re going to pass bills to push for energy independence and for border security and to address supply chain issues. We’re going to do it, and let’s see what the Senate does in turn. That’s the only leverage we have,” she told Fox News.

Malliotakis, a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said a hearing on the recent mass airline cancelations is a must:

“We definitely should bring these airlines in and find out what is going on.” Malliotakis noted that the airlines got tens of billions of dollars — and Southwest got $7 billion of that — to keep them afloat during COVID.

“And you know what? They still furloughed employees. They (Southwest Airlines) did not choose to upgrade their system there for scheduling, and that is what created a lot of the headache that you’re seeing now. 

“As a matter of fact, I think what’s really frustrating is, the taxpayers foot the bill, $7 billion, and then they decide they are going to issue dividends to their stockholders instead of making those necessary improvements to make sure that they can keep these flights on schedule and avoid these types of cancellations. 

“Southwest, as you know, is point-to-point, instead of a hub system. And so if you cancel one, it kind of creates this domino effect, and that’s exactly what happened. But I think it could have been avoided had they had a more modern system in place.” 

“There’s a lot of bills that are in play right now that we need to take up seriously, I think, in the House majority,” she continued:


“What’s really frustrating here is that (Transportation Secretary) Pete Buttigieg brought all of these airlines in, he said he was holding them accountable, and he was going to push them to fix their operation so there wouldn’t be cancellations. And he actually said coming out of these meetings that they were going to be prepared for the holidays — he had fixed this for the holiday season. 

“And then look what happened. I think that’s what’s really frustrating to the American people is, you always hear this administration talk about accountability and fixing things and then yet we find out the same problem keeps getting worse. 

“We see it at the border, we see it with inflation, we see it with supply chain issues. It’s just one thing after another that continues to get worse, and the administration is so out of touch. 

“We have the president on a private plane to St. Croix. You’ve got energy prices through the roof. People can’t afford their heating bills. They’re choosing between putting food on the table and heat because of the inflation and energy crisis that the president created. And now we see a border crisis continuing to be made worse by this administration.” 

Malliotakis vowed: “The House Republicans will be different. We’re going to pass bills to push for energy independence and border security and to address supply chain issues. We’ll see what the Senate does in turn. That’s the only leverage we have.” 


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