NY Senate Candidate Joe Pinion: ‘We Have Turned America into the ‘Hunger Games’ for Toddlers’

(CNSNews.com) – New York Senate candidate Joe Pinion said Wednesday that New Yorkers have suffered under Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) watch, citing the fentanyl streaming across the southern border and “the fact that we have a city like Rochester, New York – the epicenter for crime in this nation.”

He said that it’s more dangerous to live in Rochester, N.Y., than it is to live in Chicago.

“That is the untold story of pain and suffering that has occurred in New York state on Chuck Schumer’s watch,” Pinion told Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.”

The New York Senate candidate also called out Schumer and President Biden for the baby formula shortage:

I think that as we travel from North Country all the way down to Montauk on Long Island, you see the frustration of Americans when we have turned America into the ‘Hunger Games’ for toddlers, because the people who should recognize that when you have states that are required by federal law to actually go out there and acquire baby formula via blind bids, that when the largest manufacturer of said baby formula has a recall, we have a military grade crisis in this country.

Fun fact: individuals who voted for the federal law that makes that a requirement – a man named Charles Ellis Schumer, a man who was formally the senator from Delaware Joseph Robinette Biden. So these are the issues. There’s no virtue in having institutional knowledge down in D.C. If the individuals who possess that knowledge either don’t know how to leverage it or have forgotten what they previously have done.

Pinion said that Schumer is more concerned with a primary challenge from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) than he is with living up to his oath.


Let’s be very clear. If Chuck Schumer was the same man as he was six years ago when he won with 70% of the vote, I wouldn’t be sitting here, but the hard truth is that he was more concerned about a primary from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than he was with honoring his sacred oath to ensure that the people of this state and the people of New York City were kept safe. 

You saw a 90% increase in shootings in New York City. We saw in many ways a 30% increase in homicides all because of the three most dangerous words ever uttered in modern politics: defund the police. 

Chuck Schumer was supposed to be old enough, wise enough, experienced enough to know that policies that reckless would lead to death and decay for the people that depend on law enforcement the most. Instead, those communities saw the death pile up. 

Black bodies were used as cannon fodder to make sure that Joseph Robinette Biden could become president of this nation. Chuck Schumer did nothing. He said nothing, and in fact, on his watch, we watched law enforcement bear the brunt of that 125% increase in ambush assaults on law enforcement in 2021, and the data is in 2022 now an even more dangerous year for a badge in America.

Pinion said that Republicans have to “leverage the power of the purse to get people at the local level to take the safety and security of their own citizens seriously.”

As to how to make sure people take the election seriously, Pinion said, “There was a man named Tom Daschle. He was the majority leader. He lost to a man named John Thune, because he forgot that his first obligation was to the people of his state, not to the national needs of his political party.

“Chuck Schumer again is the preeminent architect in American political life. The thesis for our campaign has been, if you are unhappy with the world as it is today, you cannot vote for the architecture that built it. Chuck Schumer built this world. He is the one who has presided over New York becoming the leader in outward migration in this state,” he said.

“One million of our friends and neighbors have fled, because the opportunity that was promised to every American no longer lives here. That’s his legacy. We’re going to hold him accountable,” Pinion added.


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