NYC’s latest public service announcement was sinister yet laughable at the same time.

The PSA started with a narrator warning New yorkers to run inside in case of a nuclear attack.

She then proceeded to tell them to not go by windows and doors.

Many users on the internet thought the PSA was hilarious due to the fact it really didn’t offer any real information other than common sense responses to a nuclear attack.

Watch the video here:


NBC New York dropped these details:

New York City launched its newest PSA on Monday with a focus on preparing for a possible nuclear attack.

“While the likelihood of a nuclear weapon incident occurring in/near New York City is very low, it is important New Yorkers know the steps to stay safe,” the NYC Emergency Management Department said in its press release.

The short public service announcement identifies three steps New Yorkers can take “as the threat landscape continues to evolve.”

“So there’s been a nuclear attack,” the PSA starts. “Don’t ask me how or why. Just know that the big one has hit. OK. So what do we do?”

In the event of a nuclear incident, the PSA advises the following actions:

Get inside: Move indoors and away from any windows.
Stay inside: Close all doors and window, and move into the basement if you have one.

“If you were outside after the blast, get clean immediately. Remove and bag all outer clothing, to keep radioactive dust or ash away from your body,” the PSA advices.

The New York Post got the scoop too:

Rising monkeypox cases, increasing crime — and now nuclear doom?

As if New Yorkers don’t have enough to worry about, they’re now getting step-by-step instructions on what to do if the Big Apple comes under nuclear attack.

New York City’s Emergency Management Department released a 90-second public service announcement Monday featuring empty city streets and sirens going off in the background amid the rare event.

“So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why,” says a woman who’s walking a deserted city street. “Just know that the big one has hit, OK? So what do we do?”

The PSA laid out three actions residents should take, with the first common-sense measure being getting inside as quickly as possible.

“And no, staying in the car is not an option,” she says. “You need to get into a building and move away from the windows.”

Once inside, New Yorkers are told to stay inside and shut every door and window.


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