Paul McCartney Waves Ukrainian Flag at U.S. Concert

( – Paul McCartney, the legendary rock-and-roll star and former Beatle, marched across the stage waving a Ukrainian flag at his concert in Baltimore, Md., on Sunday night.

McCarthy used his right hand to raise the flag to the crowd at Orioles Park at Camden Yards, and made a peace sign with his left hand.

He then waved the flag at the center of the stage as the scene was broadcast on massive video screens to his right and left.

As explained by the Kyiv Post, the blue-and-yellow flag has a long history in Ukraine.  “From 1917 to 1921, the blue-and-yellow flag was the state flag of the then independent Ukrainian state,” said the Post.

“It was only after the break-up of the Soviet Union that the Ukrainian blue-and-yellow flag came back into use again as the state flag,” the Kyiv Post said. “Ukraine’s parliament approved the blue-yellow flag as the national symbol of Ukraine on Jan. 28, 1992, almost six months after Ukraine declared independence.”


In his sardonic 1968 song, “Back in the U.S.S.R.,” which spoofs in the Beach Boy’s “California Girls,” McCartney sings:

“Well, the Ukraine girls really knock me out.

They leave the West behind.

And Moscow girls make me sing and shout.

That Georgia’s always on my mind.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. “Russia’s renewed invasion of neighboring Ukraine in February 2022 marked the start of Europe’s deadliest conflict in decades,” reported the Congressional Research Service.

“Since the start of the 2022 war,” said a CRS report published last week, “the Biden Administration has committed a total of more than $4.6 billion in security assistance to ‘provide Ukraine the equipment it needs to defend itself.”


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