Pelosi Says ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Includes ‘Strong Climate Provisions to Save the Planet’

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) sent a “Dear Colleague” letter to fellow Democrats in the House on Wednesday promoting the “Inflation Reduction Act,” which the House will vote on today.

One of the things she applauded about this “inflation reduction” bill was what she said it would do to “save the planet.”

“On Friday, House Democrats will pass and send to the president the landmark Inflation Reduction Act,” Pelosi said in her letter.

“This life-changing legislation,” she said, “increases the leverage of the people’s interest over the special interest: … Strong climate provisions to save the planet and lower families’ energy costs.”

In fact, the 730-page “Inflation Reduction Act”—that passed the Senate on a 50-50 vote with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaker—cited “greenhouse gas” or “greenhouse gases” 120 times.


By contrast, this “Inflation Reduction Act” only cites “inflation” 32 times.

“Among other provisions, IRA would include a charge on methane emissions from selected entities in the oil and gas industry,” says a report published by the Congressional Research Service.

“The charge would start at $900 per metric ton of methane, increasing to $1,500 after two years, which equates to $36 and $60 per metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent, respectively,” said the Congressional Research Service. “If enacted, this charge would be the first time the federal government would directly impose a charge, fee, or tax on GHG emissions.”


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