Pelosi Statement: Omnibus Includes $2M That Will Help Center to Serve ‘Especially Trans and Non-Binary San Francisco’

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif,) put out a statement on Thursday announcing that the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill that President Joe Biden signed into law that day would send $30 million to San Francisco for “community projects” including $2 million for a center that serves “LGBTQQ+ youth, especially trans and non-binary youth.”

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that nearly $30 million in new federal funding is headed to San Francisco to support vital community projects,” said the statement released by Pelosi’s office. 

“These investments – which will support neighborhood-serving organizations that are helping meet the needs of Bay Area families – were included in the government funding package signed into law today by President Biden,” the statement said.

Pelosi’s statement included a “full list of San Francisco community projects receiving funding for Fiscal Year 2023.”

This list included: “Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center, Inc. (LYRIC)–$2,000,000 for Youth Center Renovation.”


Pelosi’s statement included a quote from the vice president of LYRIC. It said:

“These federal funds will increase the current LYRIC space by 40% which will allow us to serve more LGBTQQ+ youth, especially trans and non-binary youth, here in San Francisco,” said Adam-Michael Royston, Vice President of LYRIC.  “The LYRIC center is the second oldest LGBTQQ+ youth center in the country and with trans youth under attack across the country we have seen a tremendous increase in our services – specifically mental health and gender affirming care and these funds will allow us to serve more than 3,000 youth in San Francisco a year.”


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