Pelosi: ‘What’s More Important Is the Importance of Each and Every Child in Our Country’

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) drew attention to what she called “the importance of each and every child in our country” when she gave a speech on Thursday in San Francisco to celebrate the enactment of the CHIPS and Science Act.

“So we have to have a recommitment for our preeminence in the world, and that’s important,” said Pelosi. “But what’s more important is the importance of each and every child in our country, every person to know that the beauty is in the mix.

“The diversity of ethnicity and the rest, gender-wise and the rest, so important,” said Pelosi.

“Now, on the gender–let me say this,” she said. “This–today is the day that the Equal Rights Amendment passed. We celebrate next week when it took effect. It was enacted today, took effect–so this week is sort of a bookends of women in the workforce.

“So women to vote, women to preeminence–and that’s one of the things that this legislation does as well, is to recognize the full role that women will play in all of this.  It’s pretty exciting,” she said.


An official summary of the CHIPS and Science Act says that it “provides funds to support the domestic production of semiconductors and authorizes various programs and activities of the federal science agencies.”  Among other things, it includes provisions the provide “funding for wireless supply chain innovation,” establish “an advanced manufacturing investment tax credit,” and “requires a research program to improve understanding of the fundamental properties of the universe, including the nature of space and time.”

The full transcript of Pelosi’s speech in San Francisco is available by clicking here.


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