Pence: Biden’s New Asylum Policy Similar to Safe Third Rule, Which Biden Ended

( – The Biden administration’s new asylum policy, which requires asylum seekers to apply for asylum in a country that they passed through on the way to the United States, is not a new policy, former Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday.

“Yeah, it’s called Safe Third Rule that you’re supposed to apply in the first safe country, but look, we have a crisis at our southern border that is unprecedented, and it is 100% Biden made,” Pence told Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

“On the first day of this administration, President Biden literally undid the policies that we had put into to effect during the Trump Pence administration that literally reduced asylum abuse and illegal immigration by 90%, but in a nod to the open borders crowd and the Democratic Party on literally the day he was inaugurated, he signed an executive order ostensibly ending the remain in Mexico policy that I and Secretary of State Pompeo negotiated with the Mexicans on the president’s behalf,” he said.

“It had been incredibly successful. It sent a deafening message south of the border that the border of the United States is open and five million people coming across our border later as a direct result of their policies. This is too little too late. What we ought to do is return to construction of the border wall,” the former vice president said.

“We ought to provide our incredible Border Patrol the resources that they need and we ought to put Remain in Mexico back in full effect,” Pence added.


When asked how long he would continue to send arms to Ukraine to help them win the war against Russia if he were commander-in-chief, Pence said, “Well, first off, I would have gone to East Palestine before I went to Kyiv. 

“It really is remarkable when you think about the fact that it’s gonna be three weeks since that train derailment, all the hardship that those families in East Palestine have faced before even the secretary of transportation shows up later this week. It just is extraordinary,” he said.

Host Martha MacCallum pointed out that the Biden administration is blaming the Trump administration for the train derailment in Ohio, saying that it’s the regulations that they peeled back that led to this lack of safety.

Pence blamed the Biden administration’s policies for derailing the economy of East Palestine long before the train derailment occurred.

Yeah, the same crowd that said Chinese balloons floated over our administration right until they admitted that they didn’t. So this is one more example of absent without leadership in the Biden administration, but the truth is, Biden’s policies on this economy derailed the economy of East Palestine long before that train came through. 

“This is coal country in eastern Ohio, Martha. The record inflation that people have faced, the war on energy people have faced has presented an incredible hardship. The point is can we be strong at home and abroad? The answer is yes, but it takes leadership. 

I think the failed leadership at the border, the failed leadership in the wake of this train derailment in East Palestine is all undermining confidence in this country, and it’s frankly undermining the confidence of many Americans in us doing what we need to do in Ukraine. The reality is that we are involved in a proxy war against Russia. 

Russia continues one year this week in engaging in this unprovoked and heartless invasion of Ukraine. The United States and 50 countries have supported the Ukrainians as they make the fight. Ever since the days of Ronald Reagan, which you remember, the Reagan doctrine, we always have had the policy in this country of if you’re willing to fight the communists in your country, we’ll help you. 

We’ll help you repel that aggression. We need to continue to provide that support with appropriate oversight, but I think the Biden administration has been slow in providing the resources for the Ukrainians. 

Pence said he would “absolutely” send F-16s to Ukraine at this point. 

“I’d begin the process of getting pilots trained up. I’d get them the aircraft. I’d let Poland get them the aircraft,” he said.

Pence said that he would give Ukraine the resources they need to defend themselves.

“Even though it means that the missiles go to Russia?” MacCallum asked.

“Who started this fight? Russia rolls across the border. Are they now going to complain? There’s already been that Ukraine has taken presumably drone strikes into Russian territory. This is a fight I truly do believe that we have to win,” Pence said. 

“If Putin rolls over Ukraine, Martha that I promise you, it doesn’t stop there his desire is to re-establish that old Soviet sphere of influence in Eastern Europe,” the former vice president said.

“If we don’t give the Ukrainians the power to stop it in Ukraine, I believe that the day will come when places like Estonia and Latvia and NATO allies for which we would have to be involved directly are threatened, but look, the answer here is American strength,” he said.

“We had 120,000 Russian forces aligned across the border in 2017. I was sent as vice president to visit Estonia, to visit Georgia. We sent a deafening message that we were going to stand with our friends in eastern Europe,” Pence said.

“The Trump Pence administration was the only one where Russia never even tried to redraw international lines by force. We have to return to that American strength and soon,” he added.

When asked whether it was the right thing to do for former President Trump to visit East Palestine, Ohio, on Wednesday, Pence said, “100% the right thing.”

“I applaud the president for taking that step. I can’t get over the fact — it’s not a question — I was glad President Biden went to Kyiv, but he should have gone to East Palestine first. I was glad he went to Poland a year ago but he should have gone to the southern border before he went to Poland,” he said. 

“It undermines the confidence of the American people in us providing leadership in the free world when we don’t have leadership for the American people. I get that. So I commend president trump for being there. I’m sure it was an encouragement to the families leaving in fear and uncertainty in the wake of this train derailment,” Pence said.

“Look, bottom line, I’m a lead from the front person. When I was governor, when I was vice president, I’m somebody that really believes when things go wrong, when tragedy hits Americans, they want to see their leaders on the ground so they know you know what they’re dealing with,” he said.

“Three weeks and we’re still waiting for even a cabinet official to go. It’s just unconscionable,” Pence added.


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