Poll Watchers Sound The Alarm On Potential Election Fraud Witnessed In Early Voting For Primaries

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Fulton County is already having ‘integrity’ problems with early voting for the May 24th primary. Election officials have instructed poll managers to ‘keep poll scanners powered up overnight’, in complete violation of previous procedure. The instruction was given verbally only to poll managers and not put in writing.

The EasyVote system was down last Wednesday morning. Some voters had to wait, other voters were checked in manually, and some voters were told to come back later.

One poll watcher witnessed the above and commented, “Early voting in Ga has been interesting already.  Easy Vote systems are not working so voter check in is manual.  Of course, we are still using Dominion Machines.  

“Phone directives to poll managers instructed that they do NOT Power down equipment as of Friday, May 6.  One compliance manager I witnessed was concerned that there was no directive about not powering down in writing.  She went on record opposing the poll manager but had no choice but to follow his command. The directive came into poll managers via phone so they instructed workers not to power down. The Elections Director, Nadine Williams (who was previously the assistant to Richard Barron before he was out), provided the rationale below for keeping scanners on. As a poll watcher, I did not see any lines at scanners or hear concerns about slow scanners.  Not powering down certainly seems odd and open to trouble.”


Friday, May 6th. Poll managers were directed by the Fulton County Elections Director Nadine Williams to NOT power down the Dominion scanners and to leave them powered on overnight. They have been instructed to leave them on every night thus far for early voting, which is a divergence from standard protocol of powering them down after the polls close. When the Elections Director was questioned as to why the sudden shift in procedure, she responded with the below statement:

“If you are proficient at all with technology, you are probably beside yourself after reading her response. I think so many of us are aware that if you have a cache build up or any type of computer issues, the first thing IT or tech support asks you is did you try restarting your computer? They do not ask you to leave it powered on all night with no action. For additional context, there is no other county to my knowledge in Georgia that is leaving their scanners on overnight. Once again, another divergence from protocol by Fulton County. Poll workers have also attested that by leaving them on overnight does NOT seem to have reduced the scan time for ballots. Shocker! It has also been reported that Dominion scanners do have the ability to connect to the internet if configured or programmed correctly, so why has Fulton County diverged from protocol as the only county in the state to do so with a laughable explanation as to why? Georgians deserve answers,” declared one election worker who desires to remain anonymous.


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