Pres. Biden’s Abysmal Endorsement Record Bodes Poorly for Biden-Backed House Candidates

Based on his 2020 track record, Pres. Joe Biden’s endorsement of Democrat House candidates in November’s elections does not augur well for those he publicly backs.

Biden endorsed 33 Democrats running for House seats in 2020.

Only seven of the 33, or about one in five (21.2%), won.

In none of the seven wins did a Democrat challenger defeat a Republican incumbent. All seven victories were either by incumbent Democrats (4) or in elections for open seats (3).

Even though all 435 House seats up for grabs in November, Pres. Biden has endorsed only two House candidates, with mixed success, to-date.


Both Biden-endorsed candidates are incumbents – one of whom won’t even be on the ballot in November.

Oregon incumbent Rep. Kurt Schrader lost his party’s state primary, while Ohio’s Biden-backed Rep. Shontel Brown seeks to hold on to her OH-11 seat.

In 2020, when only seven of his 33 endorsed candidates won, Biden was significantly more popular than he is today and, presumably, had more sway with voters. A month before the November 2020 elections, then-candidate Biden had a 49% approval rating, per Gallup.

On Thursday, Gallup reported that Biden currently has a 41% approval rating and that nearly nine in 10 Americans (87%) are now dissatisfied with the direction of the country. What’s more, satisfaction is now at its lowest level since January of 2021 – driven by greater dissatisfaction among Democrats.

Democrats’ satisfaction with the country’s direction has fallen from 46% in March to 24% today, which could bode poorly for this year’s House candidates endorsed by Pres. Biden.


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