President Biden Calls Trump Supporters Domestic Terrorists: ‘The Most Extreme Political Movement In American History’

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President Biden has called Trump supporters “domestic terrorists” who are threatening to drive the United States into civil war.

Biden cautioned reporters on Wednesday that the “MAGA camp is really the most extremist political movement that’s existed in American history” in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. He also made the ridiculous claim that if the Supreme Court follows through, gay children may be barred from attending the same “classroom as other children” because of Trump supporters: reports: Of course, claiming the MAGA movement is the most extreme political group in U.S. history is asinine.

As author and comedian Tim Young joked on Twitter, “leftists were out destroying LA and beating up cops,” Tuesday night in reaction to the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision.


From America’s Founding Fathers to both sides that participated in the Civil War, there are dozens of examples of U.S. political movements much more extreme than today’s pro-Trump crowd.

Are today’s Trump supporters worse than the Democrat-run KKK or any neo-Nazi organizations that have existed in our nation’s history?

Specifically on the left, the BLM riots of 2020, Antifa’s numerous violent attacks over the past ten years, and extremist groups like the Weather Underground in the 70s and 80s have wreaked far more havoc on America than the MAGA movement.

On Tuesday, Biden admitted an abortion ends the life of “a child” which may irritate leftists who say the fetus is just a clump of cells.

Of course, the hypocrite Biden voted against Roe vs Wade when he was a Senator in 1982.

Tucker Carlson exposed Biden’s flip-flop during his Tuesday broadcast.

The establishment is preparing the reactionary, NPC mob for another massive freakout just as midterm elections arrive.


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