Pro-Life Ministry Offers Help and Urges Abortion Workers to Leave Their Jobs on Good Friday, Apr. 7

( And Then There Were None (ATTWN), a pro-life ministry that focuses on helping abortion workers leave there jobs and find new ones, is urging them to walk out of their jobs this Apr. 7, Good Friday of Holy Week. The initiative is part of the organization’s Exodus 2023 campaign

ATTWN offers free counseling, healing retreats, assistance with resume writing, and help in landing new jobs. 

“There’s no better time to quit the abortion industry than right now,” said Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director in Texas who now runs ATTWN. 

“Abortion workers are some of the most overlooked employees in the country with needs that extend far beyond what our culture has even considered addressing,” said Johnson in a press release. “Many of the abortion workers who have left the industry suffer PTSD, have struggled with suicidal thoughts, and have battled some kind of substance abuse.”

“We can help,” she added. “We have helped more than 640 abortion workers leave their jobs and find healing.”


“Most people who work in the abortion industry started there because they wanted to help women but soon found out that is hardly the case at all,”  Johnson continued. “Many were hired as receptionists but ended up putting together pieces of aborted babies in the lab. Others were hired as nurses but ended up having to cover up statutory rape and abuse or lie about gestational age.”

“To all of these abortion workers: leave,” she added. “We can help you.”

As part of the Exodus 2023 campaign, ATTWN is hosting a webcast on Apr. 3 at 9:00 p.m EST. Johnson will be hosting the program with several other former abortion workers.

ATTWN provides sample resignation letters to people who want to leave their abortion jobs. The group also has “an experienced resume writer on staff who will help former abortion workers to revamp their resumes and client managers will aid them in finding new jobs, obtaining counseling, and encouraging them to attend healing retreats — all for free,” reads the press release. 

According to the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion research organization, there were 1,603 facilities in the U.S. that provided abortions — 227 clinics, 530 hospitals, 266 doctors’ offices, and 580 nonspecialized clinics. 

On Oct. 6, 2022, one hundred days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the Guttmacher Institute reported that 66 abortion clinics across 15 states had stopped offering abortions. 


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