Proof 2020 Election Was Stolen: MSM, Big Tech And Democrats Exposed For Coverup To Install Biden In The White House (Video)

We all saw the 2020 election “irregularities,” as well as the continued present day criminal misconduct charges against election officials, all of which we have been told by the MSM for more than a year, didn’t exist, meant nothing, would have changed nothing….etc…

Ok…. putting the 2020 election day antics aside for the moment, there is another manner in which the election was stolen.

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he use of a corrupt liberal media, with the manipulation of search results by big tech, along with the blatant and deliberate censoring of critical information in order to protect Joe Biden.

The aforementioned groups colluded to interfere in the 2020 election by willfully preventing the American people from being informed of actual news and insidious corruption by Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.


We’ll start with the media.


The New York Post cover page shown above, is their victory lap after breaking a blockbuster story 17 months ago, and being censored, banned on social media, users prevented from sharing the story, with the MSM, the Biden campaign, big tech and social media all asserting it was “fake news,” and Russian disinformation.

The problem for the media is while they did accomplish their goal of helping steal a federal presidential election, their lies, their claims and actions, have just been made public in a big way.

Those horrid polling numbers for the media and the lack of trust Americans have in them, are about to get much worse, as more and more are awakening to how they have been duped…..yet again.

It all revolves around a laptop that was obtained that belonged to Hunter Biden, with information, images and activity which would have affected his father’s bid for presidency.

Since this piece is focusing on how the media, social media, and big tech all plotted to cover up a legitimate, game-changing story, in order to help steal and election, we will not be wasting too much time on the information on the laptop, but rather the possible criminality of provable election interference.

17 months after the Hunter Biden laptop story broke, the NYT’s, another outlet that refused to cover the story at the time, and/or pushed the “Russian disinformation” narrative, admitted the original story was true.

Screenshot from the New York Times article, finally reporting on the story, below:

FLASHBACK: Now thanks to Twitter user and writer, Drew Holden, we see a list of egregious denials from when the Post first published their blockbuster report, with screenshots as proof.

NPR insisted it wasn’t a “real” story, therefore they wouldn’t be wasting time on it.

CNN went to former DNI Director, James Clapper, the same man who used his position to help push the Russian collusion hoax for more than four years.

He blamed…….. RUSSIA, for the New York Post story. Big surprise there (Yes that was snark).

MSNBC Joy Reid, another Russian collusion hoaxer, called it a “Russian hatchet job,” and encouraged her social media followers to just “ignore the nonsense.”

Also, an executive producer for MSNBC, Kyle Griffin, insisted on social media that no one should link or share the New York Post story, saying it “appears to be disinformation.”

Politico pushed the narrative of former intel officials decry the laptop/email scandal as a Russian disinformation campaign. After all, they claimed, it has all the “classic earmarks” of one.

Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting under Barack Obama,  who was left “speechless” after Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016, posted the following boast about “Republicans” being outraged over the censoring of what the MSM now admits was a true story.

The short video below shows how Rhodes took the Clinton loss on the night of the election.


Ah… good times.

Before moving along, a quick reminder by Holden on why this story would have been a gamechanger and why the MSM did everything in the power to hide, discredit, or ignore and refuse to let Americans see the truth before the election.

People will try to hand-wave Hunter Biden’s laptop away as just a story about pictures but remember: these emails implicate not just Hunter but also President Biden in a bribery/illegal pay-to-play scheme involving a hostile foreign power. 


Holden was not the only one providing receipts on the media malpractice and election interference, as Jon Levine offered more, but his context was the difference in how the media treated the fake ‘pee tape’ versus the very real Hunter/Joe Biden scandal.

I’m just using the NYP story references, but the side-by-side comparisons can all be seen at Twitchy.

Vanity Fair on the New York Post story in October 2020.

CNN Fake news network:

The far left liberal Slate decided to go after the laptop repairman that turned the information over to the New York Post.


The final offering here is the most ironic because it was the original fake news narrative from the New York Times back then, before admitting 17 months later that they story was true.

Is it any wonder that the majority of American distrust the media?  Making it worse, we see the pattern from their high trust levels in the 1970s,  consistently lowering, shown below:

Note The newer graphs from Gallup start at 1997, which prevents the “big picture” of dwindling trust over the course of the decades.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki….THEN.

Psucky….NOW – Hey, He doesn’t work for us!!!!!!!!!




Election interference is a crime, and there is no doubt that the Biden regime won’t do a thing to the media, big tech or social media for interfering in the 2020 presidential election, but it doesn’t change the fact that Donald Trump was and is correct, which should send the TDS crowd into complete meltdowns.

The 2020 election was stolen.

Last but not least, after the New York Post story came out, the Biden campaign was all denials, and now that the New York Times has publicly verified the store….. well, Biden had this to say:

 “I bet everybody knows somebody … that in an intimate relationship, what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position and then … blackmails or mortifies that person.”

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  1. Maybe the reason so many paper ballots changed the votes for , overwhelmingly, Trump to biden ……was the hidden fact of just how popular Trump was. He was so demeaned the entire four years of his administration by US MSM , people were reluctant to speak publicly in favor of him. The paper ballots brought out PROVED election rigging. Electronic voting could be calculated in minutes.

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