PROOF 2020 WAS RIGGED – with Robin Bullock [Elijah Streams]

I have a real treat for you today…

Thank you to everyone who sent me these links, I actually had not seen them yet.

So glad you sent them over, they are absolutely fantastic!

This is a brand new series from ElijahStreams featuring Robin Bullock, Mel K, and other guests called “Prophets and Patriots”.

Episode 1: Prophets and Patriots Episode 1: PROOF 2020 WAS RIGGED – with Robin Bullock and Guests


Episode 2: Prophets and Patriots Episode 2: Mel K: The Big Hoax!

Oh yeah, this is gonna be good!

I have the full videos for you below and we’ll continue to update this as we go.

For now, please enjoy Episode 1 with Robin Bullock — PROOF 2020 Was Rigged — watch here on Rumble:

And here is Episode 2 with Mel K, on Rumble:


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