Putin: Look at the West, 'It's All About Destruction of the Family … Perversion and Abuse of Children'

(CNSNews.com) — In his speech before the Federal Assembly in Moscow today, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the Western powers, particularly the United States, about their ongoing “destruction of the family,” and added that Russia will protect its children “from degradation and degeneration.” 

“Look what they are doing to their own people,” President Putin told a large crowd assembled in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow.  “It is all about the destruction of the family, of cultural and national identity, perversion and abuse of children, including pedophilia, all of which are declared normal in their life.” (Gostiny Dvor is a large exhibition center.) 

“They are forcing the priests to bless same-sex marriages,” said Putin.  “Bless their hearts, let them do as they please. Here is what I would like to say in this regard. Adult people can do as they please. We in Russia have always seen it that way and always will: no one is going to intrude into other people’s private lives, and we are not going to do it, either.”

Putin continued, “But here is what I would like to tell them: look at the Holy Scripture and the main books of other world religions They say it all, including that family is the union of a man and a woman.”

“But these sacred texts are now being questioned,” he said. “Reportedly, the Anglican Church is planning, just planning, to explore the idea of a gender-neutral god. What is there to say? Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”


The Anglican Church, the Church of England currently is considering using “gender-neutral terms to refer to God,” reported the New York Times. The Church of England also recently voted to bestow church blessings on homosexuals married in a civil court. 

Putin further said, “Millions of people in the West realize that they are being led to a spiritual disaster. Frankly, the elite appear to have gone crazy, and it looks like there is no cure for that. But like I said, these are their problems, while we must protect our children, which we will do. We will protect our children from degradation and degeneration.”

The Russian president also criticized the “Western elites” who are using the Ukraine conflict to effect “Russia’s strategic defeat.”

“What does this mean to us?” he said.  “This means they plan to finish us once and for all. In other words, they plan to grow a local conflict into a global confrontation. This is how we understand it and we will respond accordingly, because this represents an existential threat to our country.”

John Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago, and a leading scholar of realpolitik, said “the United States has tied its own reputation to the outcome of the conflict” in Ukraine.

“President Joe Biden has labelled Russia’s war in Ukraine a ‘genocide’ and accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being a ‘war criminal’ who should face a ‘war crimes trial,'” said Mearsheimer in Foreign Affairs. “Presidential proclamations such as these make it hard to imagine Washington backing down; if Russia prevailed in Ukraine, the United States’ position in the world would suffer a serious blow.

However, he added, “Moscow cannot afford to lose in Ukraine, and it will use every means available to avoid defeat. Putin appears confident that Russia will ultimately prevail against Ukraine and its Western backers. … In essence, Kyiv, Washington, and Moscow are all deeply committed to winning at the expense of their adversary, which leaves little room for compromise.”


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