Rep. Chip Roy: 'Policies Have to Be…Turn Away and Detain, Not Apprehend and Release'

( – Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican, represents an area in Texas that is about 100 miles from the overrun U.S. border.

And contrary to Democrat claims that Republicans have no solution to the border crisis, Roy said Republicans do indeed have a plan to stem the flow of people coming here en masse from all over the world.

“We live there. We live in Texas,” Roy told “Fox News Sunday.”

“And if you go talk to the residents along the border, they’re happy to see us come down and talk to them because we’re actually trying to focus on solving the problem.

“When Senator Cruz and I, for example, in Laredo about a year ago, all heavily Hispanic Democrats, traditionally Democrat voters, they were all saying — just angry with the Biden administration, angry with Democrats, and just thanking us for being there, because we’re actually trying to focus on solving the problem.

“That’s why my GOP colleagues in the Texas delegation got together, and we introduced what we call the Texas border plan. We know what to do. We saw it work under the Trump administration, but it’s also common sense. You need to have the infrastructure along the border.

“And by the way, that’s bipartisan. Henry Cuellar and I have a bill to clear cane and build roads. Build the wall, we need to do that as well.

“But we need to have the policies that will actually work, and what those policies have to be are turn away and detain, not apprehend and release. And what this six-point plan from the Biden administration is, is a supercharged ‘apprehend and release.’ That’s all it is.

“More money to process more people, which floods the zone, attracts more people to come here, allows more of these immigrants to get abused.

“And you and I have talked about this before. In San Antonio, with all due respect to Congresswoman Escobar, when she scoffed at me in the Judiciary Committee last year when we raised these issues, talking about fentanyl — talk to the moms who have lost their loved ones and their kids.

“How about this 53 immigrants who died in a tractor trailer in San Antonio cooking in the Texas heat?

“It is not compassionate to have open borders, allowing cartels to get enriched and allowing China to exploit our borders and allowed fentanyl to pour in.”

Democrats are blaming Republicans for spreading the word that the border is open.

Roy noted that when Joe Biden became president, “there were people showing up to our border wearing Biden T-shirts,” because they knew he was removing Trump-era impediments.


“There’s nothing hidden around the world about what this administration is doing, what Democrats on Capitol Hill are doing, to say that our borders are wide open. When you put a big neon sign saying, if you come here and claim asylum, or heck, even now, you don’t even have to claim asylum.

“In Eagle Pass, where Bill Melugin was just reporting from, there’s a four-acre facility processing people. They don’t even have to claim asylum or get processed for credible fear. They just get processed and released on parole, released on a notice to appear.

“And everyone knows this. And you know who knows it? The cartels, and they’re charging $3,000, $8,000, $10,000 a head to move human beings into our country for profit, and the Biden administration is allowing that to occur.”

Republicans insist that border security must come before comprehensive immigration reform. Roy said “Democrats want to simply throw more money at the border and then process more human beings, while they’re getting abused. They’re the ones using them as political pawns for their crass political purposes. They’re using the Hispanic community.”

Roy also singled out Republicans who support an omnibus spending bill, which he said would be a “blank check” for Democrats to continue their open border policies.

“Republicans are about to literally give the Biden administration a blank check,” Roy said.

“So their opening shots after getting the rears handed to them in November, is to redefine marriage and stomp on religious liberty, passed a $1.7 trillion bloated spending bill that won’t allow us to secure the border, and they wonder why Republicans across the country are mad at ’em,” Roy said.


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