Rep. Chip Roy Reveals Mexican Cartels Have ‘Operational Control’ Of The US Border

The Biden administration’s uncontrolled border approach has killed people. According to the CBP, more over 1.7 million illegal immigrants were detained in Fiscal Year 2021. According to the previous CBP Commissioner, the US has “lost control of the southwest border.”

Biden halted most deportations for 100 days after assuming office, halted construction of President Trump’s border wall, and reversed his “stay in Mexico” policy. During President Trump’s presidency, illegal immigration fell to a 17-year low. “Mayorkas has eviscerated our interior immigration enforcement machinery, making it practically impossible to deport an illegal alien once they enter our nation,” Matthew Tragesser of the Federation for American Immigration Reform stated. Now it has been exposed that Biden’s rash border strategy is to blame for a tremendous influx of lethal narcotics into the United States. Reports from the Epoch Times–

“Mexican gangs profit billions of dollars through drug trafficking, human smuggling, and border exploitation,” stated Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas).

In 2021, Border Patrol authorities captured almost 1.3 million illegal aliens crossing from Mexico into Texas. Hundreds of thousands more people were not apprehended. In the United States, seizures of the lethal synthetic opioid fentanyl have skyrocketed, as have overdose deaths.

“Opioid poisoning kills 100,000 Americans per year.” “They’re poisonings, not overdoses,” Roy told NTD’s Capitol Report on Jan. 28.


“China is transferring it via Mexico, cartels are profiting, China is gaining power, and America is suffering—all because this administration refuses to secure the border.”

The ingredients used to synthesize fentanyl are made in China and sent to Mexico, where counterfeit medicines, heroin, and other items are poisoned before being shipped across the southern border.

During fiscal year 2021, US Customs and Border Protection recorded a 1,066 percent spike in fentanyl seized at south Texas ports of entry.”

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