Rep. Chris Stewart: 'All We Want to Know Is What Was in the Documents'

( – The director of national intelligence and the Biden White House have so far refused to tell the House and Senate intelligence committees what classified material was found at Joe Biden’s home and office.

A special counsel is now investigating the alleged mishandling of classified documents by both Biden and Donald Trump, and that’s the excuse the administration is giving for its refusal to answer questions about the classified documents.

“And you know, we’re not asking to interfere with the investigation — of course we’re not,” Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), a member of the House intelligence committee, told “Mornings with Maria” on Wednesday.

“But all through the special counsel of President Trump they still released information, they still provided us with briefings. And all we want to know is what was in the documents, what are the national security implications, what things should we be concerned about?

“But so far, they’ve told us, as you know, absolutely nothing, which is very, very consistent with the way they’ve treated us for a long time about a lot of issues.”

Stewart said lawmakers, who have oversight authority, will “continue to push, and we’re going to subpoena if necessary.”

He said its “nonsense” for administration officials to use the special counsels as an excuse, when they never did that during the Trump administration.


“And there’s a difference here,” Stewart said:

“We’re not asking about the criminal intent or the criminal investigation. We’re asking about national security implications. We’re asking about what do we need to do to protect ourselves if this information is released. It’s an entirely different question.

“And again, we’re not going to accept, well, no, we’re not going to tell you. And if it requires a subpoena and a subpoena under oath, I think that’s probably what we’ll end up doing.”

A number of Republicans believe the classified material found at Joe Biden’s house and his former Washington office may be linked to their investigation into Hunter Biden and the alleged Biden family influence-peddling scheme.

The question is, did Hunter Biden use classified information to make himself important to America’s adversaries in exchange for huge sums of money that went to the Biden family? Or did he use classified material to burnish his own resume?

“[H]e wanted money and he got money, in an area of the world that he knew absolutely nothing about,” Stewart said.

“And yet there are documents that he supposedly wrote that indicate great background — great, deep knowledge of that area, and there’s no way the in the world, in my opinion, he wrote those documents. He clearly was — had a source or some help doing it, and probably just pasted and copied it from another document.”

Stewart said he expects the Justice Department to follow the precedent it recently set — that people who ignore committee subpoenas will face legal liability for contempt of Congress.


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