Rep. Flores: ‘We Should Never Reject God’s Word Just Because It does Not Agree with Our Lifestyle or Expectations’

Self-interest should never take priority over God’s word, Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Texas) said Sunday.

“When our lives do not agree with God’s word, we should ask God to help us see the truth and change as necessary,” the congresswoman tweeted. “We should never reject God’s word just because it does not agree with our lifestyle or expectations.”

In a post pinned to the top of her Twitter page, Flores says her family taught her the importance of conservative values, such faith, and warns that the values that made America great are under assault by the radical, leftist policies of the Biden Administration:

“The far left are destroying the American dream. When I was little my family legally immigrated to America. They taught me conservative values: faith, family, & hard work. I will not let the far left & socialist policies by the Biden Administration destroy this great country.”

Last month, on July 10, Flores tweeted that America “belongs to God, not a political party”:

“I am an Ambassador of Christ and becoming a Congresswoman doesn’t change that. Our Country belongs to God not a political party. I am here to win souls for God. Hallelujah”

“Faith pleases God,” Flores declared in an August 9 tweet about the power of prayer:


“There is power in prayer. Over the weekend we participated in the Back to School event at the Faith Pleases God Church. Children of all ages were happy and excited to receive the necessary motivation to get back to school.”


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