Rep. Gaetz Introduces War Powers Resolution to Remove U.S. Forces from Syria

( – Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has introduced a War Powers Resolution that would force a House vote on the removal of all U.S. troops from Syria, citing the need to put “the people of our country first – not the interest of the Military Industrial Complex.”

On Feb. 22, Gaetz announced the introduction of a War Powers Resolution to remove U.S. troops from Syria after it was reported that four service members were wounded during a raid in the northeastern region of the country. The raid was conducted by U.S. and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and resulted in the death of a senior ISIS leader.

The full text of the bill is just one page long and calls for “the President to remove the United States Armed Forces from Syria by not later than the date that is 15 days after the date of the adoption of this concurrent resolution.”

“Congress has never authorized the use of military force in Syria,” said Gaetz in a press release. “The United States is currently not in a war with or against Syria, so why are we conducting dangerous military operations there?”

“America First means actually putting the people of our country first – not the interests of the Military Industrial Complex,” he added.                                   


The House will have to vote on Gaetz’s resolution within 18 days of its introduction, since War Powers Resolutions are privileged.

If the House votes to adopt this resolution, as well as the Senate — albeit Democrat-dominant — Biden will have 15 days to remove all U.S. troops from Syria, per section 5(c) of the 1973 War Powers Resolution.           

Gaetz also suggests in his press release that, “President Biden himself does not have a cognitive grasp on the Syrian conflict.” The example Gaetz cites is a 2021 interview in which Biden told ABC that “[w]e don’t have military in Syria to make sure that we’re going to be protected,” while there were an estimated 900 U.S. troops in Syria at the time of the interview.

The War Powers Resolution was passed in 1973 by a congressional override of President Richard Nixon’s veto. The purpose of the resolution is to guarantee that both the judgment of the president as well as Congress will be applied when determining whether or not to deploy armed forces overseas.                                                                               


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