Rep. Gimenez: U.S. Must 'Decouple' From China Because 'We Are Feeding This Dragon'

( – As she often does, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer a question at Wednesday’s press briefing, this one about Chinese President Xi telling Russian President Putin that “change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years” and “we are driving this change together.”

“What do you think that means?” Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre:

“You would have to ask them,” she responded.

On Thursday morning, Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-Fla.) — a member of the new House select committee on China — said he has no doubt what Xi meant:

“Change is coming means that China will become the dominant economic and military power in the world, and so that change is not going to good for the United States. That’s a pretty easy answer,” he said.


Gimenez said the U.S. must “decouple” from China because “we are feeding this dragon.”

“We’ve made this dragon what it is, and we need to put this dragon on a diet in order for them to feel the squeeze and also to stop funding the build-up, the unprecedented military buildup that China is doing in order to supplant the United States as the dominant economic and military power of the world.

“Now, Russia is going to be used as one of China’s pawns in this…They used to be the major partner with China. Now they’re the minor partner, and Putin has to do what XI says or else, you know, he’s not going to buy his oil and his gas and not fund the war in Ukraine and other things that Putin wants to do.

“And so, yeah, it’s pretty easy for me to answer that question. The change is, China is going to be dominant, we’re not.”

Gimenez said the U.S. should “incentivize” American companies to come back to the United States — or at least to our own hemisphere:

“There’s plenty of good, cheap labor down in South America,” he said.

“We need to look at our neighbors to the south as a solution to this problem of the supply chain. And, unfortunately, we have been looking to the Far East for that. We need to come back home.

“And, again, put this dragon on a diet, because it’s needed, and we can’t continue to feed the dragon that eventually is going to gobble us up. And we need to face that, and we need to face it right now.”

Gimenez noted that the U.S., by making China a trading partner and introducing capitalism into the communist system, acted in the belief that we could change China:

“Yeah, they changed all right. We made them stronger,” Giminez said:

“We made the Chinese Communist Party stronger. Politically they haven’t changed at all. They are persecuting their own people. They are committing genocide. Unfortunately, American companies have, you know, made excuses for them.

“It’s time that stops. It’s time for these companies to come back to America.”


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