Rep. Jim Jordan on Spending Cuts, Including Defense: 'Everything Has to Be on the Table'

( – Now that they’ve finally elected a Speaker, House Republicans face another hurdle on Monday — passing a rules package that will govern how the new Republican majority conducts House business.

“I think we’ll get the 218 votes needed to pass the rules package,” Rep. Jim Jordan, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, told “Fox News Sunday.”

But some Republicans already are objecting to potential cuts in defense spending.

Jordan confirmed that “everything” must be reconsidered:

“Well, Shannon, we got a $32 trillion debt. Everything has to be on the table,” Jordan told host Shannon Bream:


“We’re on pace to spend $500 billion, $600 billion in debt payments on just to deal with interest payments on servicing that debt. Everything has to be on the table.

“And, frankly, maybe if we would focus our military spending on the soldiers and not having so many general — the ratio of general officers to enlisted individuals now is so out of whack from where it used to be in our military.

“Maybe if we would focus on that, helping the troops who do so much of the work out there for our great country, and maybe focus on getting rid of all the woke policies in our military, we’d have the money we need to make sure our troops get the pay raise they deserve, we’d have the weapon systems and the training that needs to be done so we’re ready to deal with our adversaries around the planet. That’s what we want to focus on.

“So, but you got — you got numbers like that, a $30-some-trillion dollars’ debt and interest payments to service that debt where they are headed this year, you had better look at everything. And frankly, we better look at the money we send to Ukraine as well, and say, how can we best spend the money to protect America? I think that’s what the people elected us to do. That’s what we’re going to do.”

Jordan said the rules package is designed to stop omnibus bills such as the “41.7-trillion monstrosity” passed last month by Democrats that “spent the American taxpayers’ money in all kinds of crazy ways.”

“So, that’s what that — it’s why you have 72 hours to actually review the document. We’re going to enforce that rule. The Democrats didn’t have that rule.

“So, you know, a single subject, you can’t have a bill where you throw all kinds of other things on that piece of legislation.

“So, those are the kind of rules that we think make sense and, also, spreading members out on committees across the conference so you get the diversity of opinion within the Republican conference on all the key committees, you will get a better product coming out of committee, which will then go to the floor, which gives you a better opportunity to pass the kind of legislation to address the problems that I just talked about.

“So, that’s what the rules package is designed to do. I think we’re going to get it passed tomorrow and, like I said, get working for the American people.”


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