Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘So Walls Work at Joe Biden’s Beach House, but Not the Southern Border?’

If the Biden Administration is so confident in the security efficacy of fences that it’s spending nearly a half-million dollars of taxpayer money to build one around President Joe Biden’s Delaware beach house, why doesn’t it think a fence would protect the nation’s southern border, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) wondered Friday.

“So Walls Work at Joe Biden’s Beach House, but Not the Southern Border?” Rep. Jordan tweeted, responding to news that the taxpayer-cost of Biden’s Delaware home security fence has increased to $490,000 from its original $456,458 award.

Ironically, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which contains both the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) units, is listed as the “awarding agency” for the fence-building contract.

Fox News Digital reports that DHS did not respond when asked for an explanation of why the cost of the contract has increased:

“The DHS did not respond to Fox News Digital’s inquiry as to why the contract was increased by $6,844 due to a ‘supplemental agreement’ on Nov. 30, 2021 and again by $26,933 for “additional work” on June 8, 2022, according to”

“The DHS secured the builders contract in September and has an expected completion date by the end of the year,” Fox News reported on October 22, 2021.


But, the current contract summary on lists the end date as June 6, 2023.  

When the contract for Biden’s fence was awarded, the U.S. was already experiencing the highest level of illegal immigration in more than three decades, Fox News reported at the time:

“The southern border with Mexico is seeing the highest levels of illegal border crossings in 35 years, but the Department of Homeland Security has found one access point it can shore up — doling out $455,000 to a Delaware construction company for a fence around President Biden’s “Summer White House.’”


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