Rep. Johnson: The Women’s Health Protection Act is an ‘Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act’

(CNS News) – During a House Judiciary Committee Hearing on abortion, Representative Mike Johnson (R-La.) criticized the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), sponsored by Democrats, calling it the “Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act.”

The July 14 hearing was entitled, “What’s Next: The Threat to Individual Freedoms in a Post-Roe World,” and was held to discuss/debate the effects of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade on June 24.

In his remarks, Rep. Johnson said, “The first inalienable, individual freedom, is the right to be born. It’s the right to life. We’ve only declared that in our nation’s birth certificate. America should continue to uphold the sanctity of human life, and state and local and federal government officials have a duty, a constitutional responsibility, to protect that fundamental right.”

“All life is precious,” he said. “And there is an inherent, compelling interest in protecting unborn children because they are unable to protect themselves.”

In the video below, Rep. Johnson talks about the hearing on the House floor:


Johnson continued by criticizing the group ShutDown DC, for its support of public harassment of pro-life Supreme Court justices, and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for calling to close all crisis centers.

According to Johnson, these occurrences came about because “their extreme agenda demands it.”

On July 6, ShutDownDC took to Twitter to publicize the whereabouts of Justice Brett Kavanaugh after he was spotted at Morton’s Steakhouse:

“While the badasses @OurRightsDC and his own neighbors are gathered outside #Kavanaugh’s home, the justice seems to have snuck out for a swanky DC dinner. We got a tip from someone who spotted him around 7:40 DM us if you want to join him…we’re sure he can pull up a seat!”

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Senator Warren has introduced legislation to “crack down” on crisis pregnancy centers:

“With Roe gone, it’s more important than ever to crack down on so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that mislead and deceive patients seeking abortion care. My bill with @SenatorMenendez would stop these harmful practices.”

“And speaking of extreme agendas,” Johnson continued:

“They filed H.R. 8296 in this Congress. They call it the ‘Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022.’ We call it the ‘Abortion On Demand Until Birth Act.’ You want to know why? Because it’s extreme. It would create a national standard to allow for abortions for unborn children for any reason at any stage of pregnancy up until birth. Read the bill, that’s not a talking point.”

As Johnson explains, H.R. 8296 “allows for discriminatory abortions on the basis of sex, race, and disability.”

The bill also removes what Johnson calls “common sense protections for women and children.”

“The Democrats’ bill would not allow states to enact laws to ensure parental involvement for minors, laws to protect women from coercion — they don’t care, the agenda demands,” said Johnson.

The congressman also knocked the bill’s “vague language that could also weaken conscious protection for medical professionals and limit their right to refuse to participate in an abortion.”

The WHPA passed the House (219-210) on July 15. Not one Republican voted for the measure. The legislation is unlikely to pass in the Senate because it will be filibustered by Republicans. To overcome the filibuster, Democrats would need to pick up at least 10 GOP senators to get to 60 votes.

Witnesses called to testify at the July 14 hearing were NYU Law Professor Melissa Murray; Human Rights Campaign Legal Director Sarah Warbelow; the president and CEO of Americans United for Life, Catherine Glenn Foster; and the plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges, Jim Obergefell, which legalized homosexual marriage.  


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