Rep. Jordan Tells D.A. Bragg He’s Got Bigger Things to Worry About Than Trying to Indict Political Opponents Like Trump

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has more important things to do than trying to prosecute his political enemies, like former President Donald Trump, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told Bragg on Wednesday.

“If you lose most of your misdemeanor cases in court, maybe you should focus on fixing that instead of trying to indict a political opponent,” Jordan advised Bragg in a tweet, quoting a New York Post article on Bragg’s plummeting performance:

“The office’s conviction rate for misdemeanors is down as well, from 53% to 28%.”

In the November 27, 2022 article, “Numbers show the grim consequences of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s pro-crime principles,” The Post’s editorial board reported that the conviction rate for serious felony charges by Bragg’s office had also dropped, to 51%, down from 68% in 2019 under his Bragg’s predecessor.

The increased failure rate of Bragg’s office in gaining misdemeanor convictions was even more striking, given that more than half (52%) of its felony cases had been downgraded to misdemeanors, The Post observes. In 2019, 38% of felony cases were downgraded to misdemeanors.

Under Bragg’s watch, crime was up 38% in Manhattan South and 17% in Manhattan North, year-over-year (through November 20), the article notes.


In an earlier tweet on Wednesday, Rep. Jordan called it obvious that Bragg’s desire to indict Trump is politically-motivated and wondered if Bragg has been discussing his Trump-targeting with members of Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress:

“Has anyone in Biden Administration been in contact with the Manhattan DA’s office about a possible Trump indictment? Any Democrat members of congress? Everyone knows this is all politics. But how far does it go?”

Nonetheless, as famed Constitutional scholar and Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz notes, even if Bragg succeeds in jailing Trump, Trump would still be eligible to run for, and win, the presidency.


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