Rep. Pfluger: Republican Mayra Flores’s Win Is ‘the Beginning of the End of the Democrat Party in the Rio Grande Valley’

( – Republican Mayra Flores’s win over Democrat Dan Sanchez in the special election to replace Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas), who resigned in March, spells the end of the Democrat Party in the Rio Grande Valley, Rep. August Pfluger (R-Texas) told Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria.”

“Well, it’s the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas and maybe for the Hispanic population who are hard-working, many of them work in the oil and gas industry,” Pfluger said of Flores, who is the wife of a Border Patrol agent.

“Obviously they’re tired of the border and tired of the inflation, the record inflation that we see. Their families are struggling alongside other families. So Mayra Flores winning this seat, she will be a congresswoman. This was a special election,” the congressman said.

“I think what it tells you is that it tells you that the Hispanic population and that everyday working class Americans regardless of our backgrounds, race, ethnicity, are tired of Democrat lies, we are tired of an economy and a crisis that Biden has put us in, and we are tired of lack of transparency,” he said.

“Obviously they have issues on the border, and that crisis is an outrage, but Mayra Flores is going to be a great member of Congress, and there’s more to come in the state of Texas alongside her,” Pfluger said.


The congressman said that a plan he uncovered  by DHS to drop off busloads of illegal immigrants in his hometown of San Angelo, Texas, is “unacceptable.”  

“We’re not a sanctuary city, and I sent a letter to Secretary Mayorkas asking them how they plan, what their methodology is, why are they not using sanctuary cities like San Francisco?” Pfluger said.

“The cost is real, and we just saw where from day one the incident on the Rio Grande Valley where Border Patrol agents were doing their job on the river, on the — on the Rio Grande River, doing their job, and Biden said they will pay, and now it looks like administrative action will come down on them,” he said.

“There was no due process there and the Biden administration has long since wanted to defund Border Patrol, CBP and now this is how they are doing it. The cost is real to Texans, billions of dollars of taxpayer money being spent and now we see people speaking out. That’s why Mayra Flores was elected last night,” the congressman said.


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