Rep. Roy: 18 GOP Senators 'Who Campaigned on Fiscal Responsibility' Just Did the 'Swampiest Thing You Can Do!'

(CNS News) — House Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) sharply criticized the 18 Republican senators who voted with the Democrats to pass the $1.7-trillion omnibus spending bill, charging that they had “campaigned on fiscal responsibility” and “securing the border” but with their vote “did the swampiest thing you can possibly do.”

The 4,155-page omnibus bill passed in the Senate yesterday 68 to 29, with three senators not voting. The $1.7 trillion covers federal spending through Sept. 30, 2023, the end of the fiscal year. (The 29 nay votes were Republican.) 

On the House floor Dec. 22, Roy said, “And what happened in the Senate today? What happened in the Senate today? I’ll tell you what happened in the Senate today. Blunt, Boozman, Capito, Collins, Cornyn, Cotton, Graham, Inhofe, McConnell, Moran, Merkowski, Portman, Romney, Rounds, Shelby, Thune, Wicker, and Young.”

“18 Republicans who campaigned on fiscal responsibility, who campaigned on securing the border, who campaigned on balancing the budget, who campaigned against the swamp, who run commercials saying they’re going to change this place, did the swampiest thing you can possibly do,” said Roy.


“And that is to vote for a 4,100-page bill which they got just yesterday,” he continued, “not knowing remotely what all is in the bill because it was cooked up behind closed doors, with no appropriation meetings, jamming it over a new House Republican majority, doing it intentionally to prevent us from being able to debate and vote on how we’re going to fund Ukraine, on how we’re going to fund our own national defense, how we’re going to fund non-discretionary spending and ensure that we use that money to secure the border of the United States.”

“That is what your Republican senators—those 18 – did to you America,” said Roy.  “Remember it. Remember it when Republicans go around, thumping their chests, talking about changing this town when they are neck-deep drowning in the swamp. When they are emblematic with everything that is wrong with the swamp. Remember it. Remember it.”

Earlier in his remarks, Roy said,

“The Senate, supposedly ‘the upper chamber,’ the House of Lords in the United States, if you will, sent us … a 4,155-page bill, unveiled yesterday morning at 1:40 a.m., that will cost $1.7 trillion dollars. This bill will increase spending $118 billion dollars. This bill has $45 billion dollars for the country of Ukraine – 21% above President Biden’s request, by the way. $40 billion dollars for disaster relief. $15 billion dollars for 7,234 earmarks.

“With the senior senator of Alabama, Richard Shelby, walking out of the Senate, with a legacy of $670 million dollars. I believe that the senior senator said that monuments are for pigeons and dogs in response to my criticism. Well, there’s a lot of stuff in your name in Alabama, and you just got some more, Senator Shelby. Is that what this is about? Because who’s paying for that?

“He’s not paying for it. Our kids and grandkids are paying for it. You know what else we’re paying for? We are paying $500,000 to the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth Incorporated, $113,000 to the LGBT Center of Greater Reading in Pennsylvania….

“… The real problem is that we are funding a whole alphabet soup of federal agencies that are demonstrably not doing their job, but more importantly, are demonstrably targeting the American people. The Department of Homeland Security is getting $3.2 billion more, with no policy changes required and, in fact, unbelievable, with restrictions on how that money can be used – it cannot be used for security. It can only be used for processing more people [illegal immigrants].

“That is what our Democratic colleagues and, unfortunately, a sizeable block of Republicans believe is a good use of your taxpayer money. Hey guys, the Department of Homeland Security is doing such a crack job of securing the homeland, they’re doing such a great job at the border – hey! Let’s give them some more money to not secure the border.”


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