Rep. Schiff: Trump ‘Threatening Death and Destruction,’ ‘If We Treated Him Differently, that Would Be More Dangerous’

It would’ve been more dangerous for the country, if former President Donald Trump hadn’t been indicted, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Friday.

“Prosecutors should follow the evidence,” Schiff said in an interview on MSNBC, insinuating that Trump should be jailed for directing an illegal act:

“Prosecutors should follow the evidence. And, if someone needs to go to jail, because they were directed in a criminal scheme, then the person that did the directing should also be held to account.”

Schiff went on to claim, without explanation, that Trump had put America in continued danger by promising “death and destruction,” if he was indicted:

“But, at the same time, it is worrying to see, once again, Donald Trump engage in inciting his supporters – essentially threating death and destruction, if he was indicted, as he has now been.

“And, it demonstrates, I think, the continuing peril of the country.”

The country would’ve been in even more danger, “if we had treated him differently,” Schiff claimed:

“I would just say that it would be more perilous if we didn’t observe the rule of the law, if we bred disrespect for the law, if we treated him differently – that would be more dangerous.”


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