Rep. Smith: 'Xi Jinping and CCP Murder 60,000-100,000 Young People Every Year to Steal Their Organs'

( –– The U.S. House voted overwhelmingly (413-2) on March 27 to pass legislation that would penalize persons involved in forced organ trafficking, a gruesome crime that occurs particularly in Communist China where between 60,000 and 100,000 young people are killed every year to steal their organs.

These “crimes against humanity” are committed with the full knowledge and sanction of the Communist regime, according to House Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and numerous human rights activists who have studied the topic. 

“Every year under General Secretary Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party, between 60,000 and 100,000 young victims, average age 28, are murdered in cold blood to steal their organs,” said Rep. Smith, speaking Monday on the House floor.

“These crimes against humanity are unimaginably cruel,” he said. “Ethnic groups targeted for this mass harvesting include Uyghurs who suffer from Xi Jinping’s ongoing genocide and the Falun Gong, whose exercise practices and exceptional good health make their organs highly desirable.”

“The Chinese Communist Party has declared them to be an evil cult, fit for butchering,” added Smith.


The bill that passed and is now in the Senate is HR 1154, the “Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act of 2023.” It was introduced by Rep. Smith, who is the co-chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. Smith is also the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Global Health, Global Human Rights & International Organizations. 

Smith has been active against human rights abuses in Communist China and other nations since he entered Congress in 1980. 

Under the Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act of 2023, current foreign assistance law would be amended to “require reports on forced organ harvesting and trafficking in persons for purposes of the removal of organs in foreign countries, including and especially in China.”

Any person who funds, sponsors, or facilitates “forced organ harvesting or trafficking in persons for purposes of the removal of organs,” would face civil fines up to $250,000, and criminal fines up to $1 million, as well as potential imprisonment up to 20 years.

Further, the U.S. State Department could deny or revoke the passport of persons engaged in such crimes.

In addition to the “butchering” of Falun Gong members for their organs, ” “We also know though open-source Chinese language media that elderly high ranking Chinese Communist Party officials have received replacement organs from the very people they despise and oppress at the People’s Liberation Army Hospital 301 in Beijing,” said Rep. Smith. 

In his House floor remarks, Rep. Smith quoted Ethan Gutmann, a research fellow with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation: “… At any given time since 2017 there are approximately one million Uyghurs, Kazaks, Kyrgykistan individuals and other individuals in the camps. These are concentration camps, of course, made up of mostly Muslims.”

“And he [Gutmann] said his estimate is that 25,000 to 50,000 camp detainees are being harvested every year,” added Smith.  “Again, he says, 28-year-olds in camps can be harvested for two or three organs each, translating into a maximum of about 150,000 organs [every year].”

 “State-sponsored forced organ harvesting is big business for Xi and the Chinese Communist Party and shows absolutely no signs of abating,” said Smith. “We must act — decisively.”

The legislation was received by the Senate and has been referred to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Since the Communists took over China in 1949-50, more than 65 million Chinese have been killed for political/ideological reasons, according to The Black Book of Communism (Harvard University Press).  


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