Rep. Ted Budd: Biden Is Trying to Make People ‘Government Dependent’

( – Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) said Tuesday that despite the Federal Reserve saying that inflation is at 8.5 percent, people are seeing it at almost double that number.

“Either the packages are getting smaller or the prices are going/ up. The Fed tells us we see inflation around 8.5%, but people are seeing at a minimum 15%. If you’re trying to build something or renovate your house or fix your home, we’re seeing 20% and 30% inflation, and when you see fuel, it’s more than double what it was 18 month ago,” he told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

The congressman said that President Biden’s own words say “we are in a transition” when it comes to dependency on fossil fuels.

“So this by his own words is very intentional. It’s hurting the American people. It’s trying to make them government-dependent, and it’s anti-energy and anti human. It’s just terrible. I’m hearing of a secretary that can’t make it to retirement. She can’t afford the gas to get to retirement in a year from now because of her commute. This is hurting real people,” Budd said.

The congressman said that the president’s plan to push people towards electric vehicles won’t work in the United States, because it hasn’t worked in Europe so far, and the average price of gas there was $7 a gallon for “a long time.”


“You’ve had $7 gas in Europe for a long time, and only just a fraction of a percentage over there still uses electric cars, so it won’t work here in America. It hasn’t worked in Europe, and it’s a very dangerous plan that he’s put us on,” he said.

Budd said he’s been all across the state of North Carolina in the past few months, “and farmers are finding it more expensive to plant food, “even having a hard time finding drivers to get chicken feed to the chicken houses so they can feed them so that they can get them to the consumers.”

“This is all part of Joe Biden’s energy plan, and it’s hurting the American consumer,” the congressman said.

“Last year I did a telephone town and I asked, have you noticed the sharp spike in prices, and they said 94% of the people said they had, but that was last June. That was a year ago from this week, and people noticed it a year ago, and it’s that much worse now,” he said.

Budd said that if forecasts of “a red wave” in Congress in the fall to come true, Republicans have to “create value for the American people.”

“People are hurting. It’s costing them more than $5,000,” the congressman said. 

“When you are in a hole you got to stop digging, and we want to make the Biden administration stop digging, stop hurting the American people,” he said.


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