Rep. Tenney: 'We Know There's More Coming Out on Joe Biden'

( – This week’s announcement that classified documents were discovered on Nov. 2 in at least one of Joe Biden’s offices, including a Washington office that was funded by the University of Pennsylvania, is “just the beginning of what we need to investigate,” Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) told “Mornings With Maria” on Thursday.

“But look, we know there’s more coming out on Joe Biden,” Tenney said:

“The laptop revealed so much that that’s just the beginning, that’s just the — as I say, the tip of the iceberg, it’s the bread crumb trail to what we could see. Where are the documents we don’t know about around the world — with China, with Ukraine and Burisma, and all these others? This is just the beginning of what we need to investigate.

“And it’s curious that Joe Biden, you know, is the one that everybody jumped out of the race — you know, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar all, like, tearfully backed out of the presidential race, all to back Joe Biden because they have this false narrative that Joe Biden was a regular guy that rode Amtrak, living in $10 million homes, having the lifestyle — not just Joe, but his family. 

“So I think if there’s a lot the Democrats had to cover up…I have to wonder if the Democrats are like, let him go now. Now we’ve got to find somebody else because we know this is going to be too much and an impossible mountain to climb for the Democrats coming into 2024, you know, as we look at a whole new crop of Republicans that are going to be coming forward. 

“So I think there’s a lot to be seen here and the Democrats are scrambling. I think they’re about ready to throw Joe Biden over, and you can see, even his press secretary can’t defend him.”

Tenney did defend Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, albeit with faint praise: “Well, look, I give her credit, because to be the press secretary and have to lie for the biggest liar in modern politics is quite an extraordinary obligation and job. I mean, what’s she going to say? He (Biden) may not even know where they (classified documents) are.”

Asked if House Republicans will investigate Chinese ties to the University of Pennsylvania, which provided Biden with an office in Washington, Tenney said yes: “I think that should be right where we start,” Tenney said:

“And look at the universities across the nation who are involved with these Confucius Institutes. Some of them have backed away from them, but the Chinese influence across this country in so many ways, whether it’s corporate interest and especially intervening in these universities, you know, disinformation campaigns, foreign influence, money is the big thing, and the Bidens are at the center of it. 

“And just think, why aren’t we seeing all those documents that are under seal at the university of Delaware for Joe Biden? I’d love to go and get an expert on analysis to go through and just — what’s in there? I’m not sure he even knows. 

“This is information about a real scandal with a really corrupt president who is a true pathological liar, always has been, and now the Democrats have to own him. And I think the Republicans have to be strong in this. We have to fight just like the Democrats did. And we have the truth behind us, and we know there’s more there. 

“It’s just a matter of getting to that, and a rigorous investigation — good people on our committees is going to make that happen — and I think one thing that we can all agree on –as you’ve seen, there’s a little bit of disagreement among the Republicans — we all agree that this is a problem. 

“And I think, even among Independents and some Democrats, they think it’s a problem, too, which is is why I think this is going to be an interesting year and to see how much Merrick Garland tries to scramble as we try to get the information that we need.”


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