Rep. Waltz: If Republicans Take the House, 'We Will Have a Select Committee on China'

( – Chinese President Xi Jinping is now the country’s apparent lifetime dictator, after the Chinese Communist Party Congress cemented his power by giving him a third term and ushering his predecessor out of the hall, apparently to underscore the message that it’s President Xi from now on.

“He has become the most powerful Chinese dictator since Mao,” Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, told “Sunday Morning Futures.”

And Waltz says that’s a problem for the United States, which Xi views as an “existential threat.”

“And he is talking about in his speeches to prepare for the coming storm, that this is a life-or-death competition with Western liberal democracy, vs. what he says is socialism with Chinese characteristics.

“Every war game now, the United States takes massive losses, to where I don’t think we can — as the American people, can take for granted anymore that we win.

“What do we do about it? Well, Maria, in a new Republican majority, we will have a select committee on China that will get at everything from they’re buying up our farmland, to infiltrating our universities, to the amount of money that’s pouring in from Wall Street, the fact that they own the Panama Canal now and ports around the world.

“Xi sees this as he is going to win economically way before there’s any type of military conflict. And, Maria, we have to wake up as a country to what the hell is going on and get our supply chains out of China and back to America. It’s a national security, critical issue.”

Waltz said Xi’s intentions are clear:

“He humiliated his predecessor. He has stacked to the organs of power in China with his loyalists. He has centralized power with himself. He has eliminated term limits.

“So, essentially, he is dictator for life now, all with a major step towards what he sees as his legacy. And that’s returning China to become the global superpower, not a superpower, but the global superpower, in line with ancient Chinese greatness.

“And to do that, he’s told his military to rapidly modernize, to prepare for war by 2027. Their navy is larger than ours. Their space force is launching more than we are. And he’s told his economy to become self-sufficient, both technologically and from a manufacturing standpoint, so that they can resist any type of outside pressure.”

According to Human Rights Watch, governments around the world should press Beijing to respect human rights inside and outside China during President Xi Jinping’s new term.”


“President Xi’s precedent-breaking third term bodes ill for human rights in China and around the world,” said Yaqiu Wang, senior China researcher at Human Rights Watch.

HRC notes that in the 10 years since Xi came to power in late 2012, “authorities have decimated Chinese civil society, imprisoned numerous government critics, severely restricted freedom of speech, and deployed mass surveillance technology to monitor and control citizens.

“Authorities’ cultural persecution, arbitrary detention of a million Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims, and other abuses since 2017 amount to crimes against humanity. In Hong Kong, the government imposed draconian national security legislation in 2020 and systematically dismantled the city’s freedoms. All these have made it difficult for citizens to hold the government accountable and there is virtually no room for them to participate in government decision-making.”


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