REPORT: Biden Losing Alarming Amount Of Support From Black Voters

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Joe Biden started his presidency with big support from black voters but that appears to be changing.

Recent polling indicates that Biden is losing a significant amount of support from black voters.

It’s likely a combnation of inflation and crime that is driving the change.

Joe Concha writes at The Hill:


Black voters are fleeing Biden in droves. Here’s why

Black voters are fleeing President Biden in droves. And it’s hard to see a scenario under which they come back anytime soon.

President Biden’s poll numbers have been stunningly bad lately. The most recent CNN poll has him at 58 percent disapproval, 41 percent approval. In December, Biden was at 49 percent approval in the same poll. And among those who disapprove of his performance, 56 percent say the president didn’t accomplish anything in his first year of which they approve.

To be fair, President Trump’s poll numbers were similarly dismal at this stage of his presidency. But there are two major differences:

1) Trump’s polls could be largely explained by a special counsel’s investigation into possible Russia collusion and the 2016 election (which ultimately led nowhere).

2) Trump’s base, those who strongly supported him, was infinitely stronger and more reliable than Biden’s current base, which at just 15 percent strongly approving ain’t much of a base at all.

Meanwhile, a majority of Democrats don’t even want Joe Biden to run again in 2024, with just 48 percent supporting the idea. This is unheard of after just one year.

Two more big numbers to consider: Less than 7-in-10 Black voters (69 percent) support the 46th president. This is significant, because more than 9-in-10 Black voters (92 percent) voted for him in 2020.

So, we’re talking about an almost 25-point drop in a relatively short period of time.

In related news, a majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to be their nominee in 2024.

Biden is damaged goods.

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