Reporter to WH Press Secretary: ‘When You Found Out That the FBI Located Even More Classified Materials in Wilmington, Which Four-Letter Word Did You Use?’

( – A fourth batch of classified documents was found during an FBI search of President Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Del., on Friday, a search that the White House said was planned in advance.

The discovery yielded another round of questioning from reporters at the White House on Monday with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre referring them to the White House counsel’s office, but at least one exchange prompted laughter.

“When you found out that the FBI located even more classified materials in Wilmington, which four-letter word did you use?” White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked.

“Oh my goodness, Peter,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded, laughing.

DOOCY: President Biden is still running for re-election in 2024, right?

JEAN-PIERRE: I’ll just repeat what the president said after the midterm election, which is he intends to run. I’m going to be very careful from here as you know, because we are covered by the Hatch Act, and I’m not going to speak further to his process.

DOOCY: Is there a precedent for people running for president after FBI agents search their sock drawer?

JEAN-PIERRE: Say that one more time.

DOOCY: Is there a precedent for people running for president after FBI agents–

JEAN-PIERRE: It sounds like you already know the answer to that question.

DOOCY: I don’t know the answer to that question. The FBI search of a president’s residence is a big, big deal.

JEAN-PIERRE: Here’s what the president’s going to focus on. He’s going to focus on continuing to deliver for the American people. That’s his focus. That’s what he focuses on everyday. That’s what he’s been focusing on the last two years, and nothing is going to change that. 

You think about the bipartisan infrastructure legislation, you think about the Inflation Reduction Act, you think about the CHIPS and Science Act, those the bipartisan one– the last two that I mentioned done in a bipartisan way, that’s what the president wants to do. 

He wants to continue to deliver on his economic plan that is going to build the economy from the bottom up, middle out. That is what matters to the president.

DOOCY: The House Oversight Committee chairman says this document situation has all the makings of a potential cover-up. Is President Biden involved in a cover-up?

JEAN-PIERRE: We have been very clear here from this administration, the president has been very clear that he takes this very seriously when it comes to classified information, when it comes to classified documents that his team has been fully cooperative with this legal matter. Anything else, Peter, and I’m going to be very serious. 

You asked me kind of a question that everybody laughed at, which was an interesting question to ask, but any other underlying questions that you may have, I would refer you to my colleagues at the White House counsel. I’m going to continue to be prudent. I’m going to continue to be consistent and refer you to any questions you have.


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